Monday, April 30, 2012

Today is the Eve of the May for Me Celebration!

I am compiling a list of things that I want to do in May ... but never have time to do. Here are my first 11 things. It is not one for everyday --- it's just stuff I think about, but never do! I'll share more later as I think of more things I want to do in May. 

#1 Dance to at least one song every day!  Today, I will start with this song --- Celebration!  Take 2 1/2 minutes to play the song and get up and dance if it moves you to do so!

I will spend 2 minutes each day searching for a song. Then I'll dance to the song... If I think I don't have time, I'll make my bed, load the dishwasher, and fold towels and put them away while I dance!

#2 Quilt and thread paint my Tip Top Through the Tulips Quilt - Tonya's Quilt Along from last May.
#3 Sew something simple -- like pillowcases.  I have some fabric I have set aside for them for about three years.  I am finally going to take time to make them.

#4 Practice quilting some new quilting designs on plain white fabric with blue thread.
 #5 Sip my coffee slowly and just breathe.... I may have to do this every morning, after I dance!
#6 Polish my toe nails.  I need to remove the red polish and change it to blue!
#7 Buy Chocolate Milk - my husband will love this one!
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#8  Add fruit to my water and drink more water.  This is a really good thing to do.
#9 Get an old recipe from my Mom and make it.  Maybe her Cherry Coke Jello. She tops it with cool whip. I will take photos when I make it. My husband will love this too... mostly, because I am going to take time to cook a little!

#10 Make a few more fabric greeting cards.

#11 Call an old friend.  Maybe even two old friends. I think about this often, but never do it!  Yes --- it's an old rotary dial phone!
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What are you going to do during the May for Me Celebration?
Are you making a list? Or is the list still in your head?
Write it out... you might actually do some of them.

If you haven't linked up your blog at the May for Me Linky Party, do it now.  Grab the May for Me Button and join in on the fun of taking time for you --- a few minutes a day!  Write at least one post about taking time to play. If you have a list share your list.
It will change your life!
If you don't have a blog, just make your list and start having fun!
You are welcome to grab this photo and add it to your post about May for Me.  Please make sure you link back to my blog so others can join in the fun too!

Take time to play - just for a few minutes each day!


Snoodles said...

We're almost there! I'm so glad we had a good response - this will be fun!

The Slow Quilter said...

Oh Marcia: Looking forward to May for Me and make a list in my head know. I go back to work tomorrow and the first thing in my head to do is sign a theme song for that day.

Sheila said...

Sounds like you have lots of plans for next month :D
I am looking forward to MAY FOR ME! Yahoo!

Terri said...

Interesting list! I love your fabric post cards! I've never made one, but have admired them all over the blogosphere.
Thanks for running the Bingo game.I'm looking forward to it.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

My list is in my head, your right I should write it down so that way I might actually do them!!

Miss Hillbilly said...

Your list is so fun! Love the dance..I'll dance along with you. Will you post a daily song for us to dance to?

Miss Hillbilly said...

Ok...Stephen and I just danced to that song...we had fun!

Across the Avenue said...

Very impressive. Found you on a blog hop, would love a follow back at when you can. Don't forget to add your blog to our blog hop as well! :D