Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hodgepodge Patchwork Continues Playing with Charms - Part Two

The Twisted Charm Quilt Block is now available as a Downloadable PDF for only $1.00 at
Click Here for the direct Link to the pattern.

Click here for Part One. and then come back.

I pressed/iron all the four patches. The photo shows you how I cut it.  I placed the pens in the corners to show you where I lined up the four patch to cut an 8 inch block.  
Just make sure all four corners are on the block and a somewhat even amount from each corner of the original square - about an inch and half in from the corner.  But this does not need to be exact, because we are not going to match up any seams. Rotary cut these two sides.
 Flip around. Line up to cut the 8 inch block.
Rotary cut the other two sides.
I placed the cut offs along each side so you can see how it was cut.  This creates a Twisted Charm Block.
Then I started to lay them out to form all sorts of patterns. First I tried a pattern with all the prints in the bottom right corners.  I mixed the blocks around to scatter the colors too.
With the 56 charms, you will end up with two extra squares.  I can make one more block by adding 4 more charms or just not use them.

I tried a scrambled pattern. I liked this one!
And then a pattern where I grouped the prints together.
Then I switched the prints to the top left corners and mixed up some of the colors.
And another grouping of prints together. I like this one too! This would look cool if it was a larger quilt, then the patterns would repeat.
I tried grouping some of the colors, but I didn't like this pattern.
Then I decided to sew them together all in a row with the print on the bottom right corner and just scattered the colors.
It made a nice long table runner or a cedar chest/trunk topper.  I have a cedar chest in my living room in front of my sofa.  This would make a nice bright topper for it.
The Twisted Charm Blocks are 8 inches wide. If I used it as a table runner is would be about 15 1/2 inches wide by about 53 inches long.

I had fun playing with the charms and making the Twisted Charm Blocks. Try it, you'll like it!

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Miss Hillbilly said...

Lots of fun playing around with those blocks. I need to try it with my girl when she gets back from vacation.