Monday, June 4, 2012

Fabric Garage Sale - Flannel Fabrics

I am posting several flannel fabrics for my 4th post of Fabrics for the Fabric Garage Sale.

Update July 2012:  All of the fabrics on this post have SOLD.

I can squeeze up to 3 yards into the Flat Rate Envelope for $5.15 and up to 15 yards in the Medium Flat Rate Box for $11.35.  

I will be adding Sale Fabrics all the way thru' Friday. If you would like to purchase a fabric today --- email me and I will email you the paypal invoice to pay today with your postage.  You have the option of having me hold your fabric, so you can fill a Medium Box as the week goes on. Just let me know.

#FF1  Welcome Winter Snow Friends Panel 
Original Price $8.00  Half Price $4.00   Sold


#FF2  Snow Friends Winter Panel and coordinating fabrics 
Panel Piece 61" - 40 squares on the panel
18" of the Navy Blue Snowflake fabric
60" Blue Snowflake fabric
59" Mittens fabric -- it is not flannel fabric
61" + 18" + 60" + 59" = 198" (5.5 yards)
Original Price $8.00 a yard
5.5 X $8.00 = $44.00  Half Price $22.00

#FF3  Fall Flannel Fabric - Elm Creek Quilts - Red Rooster Fabric
2 3/4 yards
Original Price $8.00 X 2.75=$22.00 
Half Price $11.00 

#FF4  2 fabric pieces of Swirls flannel fabric - Elm Creek Quilts - Red Rooster Fabric 
1 piece is 40" and the other piece is 22"
40" + 22" = 62" (1.72 yards) 
Original Price $8.00 X 1.72 = $13.72
Half Price $6.86

#FF5 2 pieces of Wilderness Trails - Moda
one piece is 32" and the other is 35"  32"+35"=67"
Original Price $8.00 X 1.86 yards =$14.88
Half Price $7.44 

#FF6 Leaves - Red --- Bob Lodge by Windham Fabrics
one piece 23" (.6 yard)
Original Price $8.00 X .6 yard  = $4.80
Half Price $2.40 
#FF7 Leaves - Green --- Bob Lodge by Windham Fabrics
1 1/2 yards
Original Price $8.00 X 1.5 yards = $12.00
Half Price $6.00 

#FF8 Wilderness Trail - Moda
1 yard plus 4" ( 40" - 1.1 yards)  
Original Price $8.00 X 1.1 yards =$ 8.80
Half Price $4.40

#FF9 Holiday Homecoming Flannel Fabric - Beige-Goldish
40" 1.1 yards
Original Price $8.00 X 1.1 yards = $8.80
Half Price $4.40 

#FF10 Holiday Homecoming Flannel Fabric - Green with dark background
1 yard
Original Price $8.00 
Half Price $4.00
#FF11 Home Front by Thimbleberries - Flannel
2 yards plus 28" (100" = 2.77 yards) 
Original Price $8.00 X 2.77 = $22.16
Half Price $11.08 
 #FF12 All Things Christmas by Sandy Gervais - Moda
 3 yards plus 3 inches (111" - 3.08 yards)
Original Price $8.00 X 3.08 yards = $24.64
Half Price $12.32 
 #FF13 Plaid - Black and Red and Greyish 
Original Price $8.00 X 2 yards = $16.00
Half Price $8.00 
#FF14 Making Tracks Flannel by Debbie Field for Granola Girls - Black and Brown
3 yards plus 34" 3.9 yards
Original Price $8.00 X 3.9 = $31.20
Half price $15.60
If you would like to purchase one or a couple of the fabrics, email me at

Tell me: 
the Letters and Numbers #___ you would like, 
your mailing address,
the email address you would like me email the paypal invoice.

I can combine fabrics to fill a flat rate box for you, including fabric items from my website - Just email me the items and I can include it on your paypal invoice and ship the items together.

I will be checking my email often during the day hours.  (Wisconsin's day hours - 7 am to 7pm CST).

Please check your email within the hour after emailing me your request.

I will mark the fabric item sold, after you have paid for your item or items, so others will know it has sold.

I will ship out the next day --- unless you would like me to hold your fabric until you fill the box - but you still must pay the invoice to hold it. 
I will be adding more Sale fabrics during the week. The Fabric Garage Sale Linky Party runs from June 4th to June 8th.  

Fabrics are available for Sale prices through the end of June! 
I update daily items available and sold items.

You can take photos today and join the party.  Have fun and sell some fabric or have fun and buy some fabrics!

Enjoy your day!

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