Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fabric Garage Sale -- FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that I have received in emails about the Fabric Garage Sale Linky Party.  If you have a question that I didn't answer, please email it to me.  Everybody has questions.

Can I purchase 1 yard of the 5 yard pieces of the floral fabrics?  YES -- just email me I will cut whatever size you would like of it starting at a least one yard. Then I will re-post the rest of it.  I was just trying to make it simple by providing large pieces for quilt backs.  I'm flexible too!

Will you weigh my box instead of doing the flat rate boxes?  Yes, but the flat rate boxes are the best choice.  I wanted to keep it simple for me and for you.  For example, the Medium Flat Rate Box can hold 15 yards of fabric for only $11.35 for shipping in the US.  If I weighed a box with 15 yards in it, it would be more than that to ship it. Fabric is heavy.

Can I pay by check or Money order instead of Paypal?  Yes, but I will hold your fabric, until I receive your check and it clears at the bank.

Do I have to pay for each fabric choice and choices each day separately? Yes - That will hold it for you and with your first choice you will pay for Flat Rate Envelope if your purchase is under 3 yards or a Flat Rate Medium Box if it is over 3 yards. With additional purchases, I will add on postage when it goes over 15 yards.  Then you tell me when to mail it.
I want to keep it simple.

What fabrics are coming later in the week?
A fat quarter post 
I just posted today - Single yard and 2 yard pieces of Thimbleberries, Buggy Barn, Moda, Debbie Mumm, and other fabrics.
More large pieces of fabric - but no more florals - all the florals are posted.
Other fabrics that I am discontinuing in my shop that are 5 yards plus pieces.
And miscellaneous fabrics.

This is a Fabric Garage Sale and I am clearing it out to make more room for the large bolts of the extra wide fabrics. I now carry 30 bolts of Extra Wide Fabrics and I plan to order more!
Will there be any bag deals at the end of the sale?   Maybe....If there are leftover fabrics, I will consider grouping them together in flat rate boxes for quick sales in a couple weeks or so.  They are all at low prices right now and I want to give everyone an opportunity to purchase the fabrics at the sale prices.  There may only be a few at the end.  I also have the option of adding them to the facebook destashing page. I added a couple there already.
I just added this flannel fabric starting at a bid of only $6.00 and this holiday fabric also for only $6.00.

Update: SOLD for $6.00 on facebook auction.
There are more fabrics listed there! Check it out.
What is the facebook fabric destashing? Go check it out here. Tonya from Hillbilly Handiworks set it up and it is a way for you to buy and sell fabrics at reduced prices.

What are the times I answer emails?  I check my email approximately every hour ... so if you email me please check your email within the hour too.  7am to 7pm CST (Wisconsin daytime hours) and sometimes earlier and sometimes later.  You can email me 24 hours a day.  I will reply asap. But...One time, I lost my internet connection for an evening a couple weeks about when I had the Extra Wide End of the Bolt Sale.
And sadly to say, I have another funeral this week ... so there will be a time, I can't answer emails for several hours on Friday.  

Can I link up a post with "one fabric" for sale? Yes!  
Take photos of it and post it and link up through Midnight on Friday at the Fabric Garage Sale Linky Party.

If you have any other questions, please email me and I will answer them. Everybody has questions... you can email or leave a comment. Thanks!

Enjoy the Sale!


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