Friday, November 15, 2013

Do you have fabric you just can't cut?

I bought a yard of this fabric and I just could not cut into it. I decided to make what I call a "panel quilt". 

I cut some purple cloud fabric for the borders.

I stitched on the borders with the clouds facing in on the top and the sides.

I love this fabric - "My Heart always come home to you"

 It reminds me of how important my family is to me. We are all going to be together soon and in my home.

I quilted it with two color Ribbon Quilting. I selected zinnia and a soft blue for the thread colors.

I quilted the words:  "A Quilt for Grandmama's Grand baby 2013".  This will be a quilt I will keep at my house for my Grand baby.  

It will be a quilt for Grandmama and baby to cuddle up in! Yes, I will let others cuddle with him too!  For sure Grandpapa!

I selected a super soft blue fabric for the backing of the quilt.

Oh my! I can not wait to cuddle up!

I used an 80/20 (Cotton/Poly) Batting.

I attached the binding with an all machine embroidery stitching.  A soft purple was the perfect choice for the thread on the binding.

Flipped the back to the front so you can see both sides.

I know babies don't use quilts or blankets in the crib any more, but I just had to see what it looked like in the crib!

I am ready to have my Grandbaby come to visit. I only have a couple more days to wait!

Last week, I got out the nursery rhyme books.

 I started reading them to the baby on Skype. 

They are the ones that my Mom read to me when I was a baby and that I read to my children. 

I can't wait to read them to my Grand baby all cuddled up in my Grandmama's Quilt.

I even cleaned up some stuffed toys. We are going to have so much fun.

Plus, I am making some little stuffed toys using my quilting fabric. I will share them with you soon.



Farm Quilter said...

What a perfect cuddle quilt!!! Enjoy your grandbaby!!!!

RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

What a great baby quilt. My grandbabies still quilts in their beds.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely stunning. Lucky baby and very lucky Granny

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely stunning. Lucky baby and very lucky Granny

Unknown said...

Love this quilt!

Katie M. said...

So special! What great memories you will have and the secrets you get to share under a snuggly quilt.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is what I do with those precious fabrics too sweet to cut - and I have that purple cloud fabric too! Love the dimple minky on the back. Snuggle away!!

Michele said...

So cute! I love the clouds. Enjoy, enjoy!