Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting Up Close to My Quilting - Two Color Ribbon Quilting

 I quilted this quilt with large two color Ribbon Quilting with a five petal whimsical flower in the center of the blocks. 

The whimsical flowers have swirls in each petal.

The two thread colors are brown and a medium blue. 

Many of my customers have me quilt their name and the year in the corner of their quilt.

Debbie selected a washable wool batting.  It gives the quilt a little bit of loft.

My Getting Up Close to My Quilting Posts are for sharing my quilting --- Up Close.  Sometimes I have quilt pattern information and sometimes I don't.   This time I do. Debbie called the quilt "Lady of the Lake" and it is Jason Yenter Fabrics.  I Googled it and found the quilt pattern in the book named Quilts of Camelot.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

The quilt makes a very bold statement and the ribbon quilting just dresses beautifully.

Michele said...

So beautiful. Nicely done.

jilbab renni said...

wonderful.. do you know, it is loke like a batik in my country, indonesia.