Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Selecting Sunrise and Sunset Fabrics for the Project Quilting Challenge

Laying out the fabrics helps me create the design of the quilt.

I move the fabrics around.

I take photos from different angles.

It makes me think... Should I use one fabric for a focus fabrics?

Should I do a circular design?

Should I cut strips of the orange fabric and alternate it in between some of the colors?

Like this?

 I am going to be creating with some beautiful batik fabrics scraps, but I only have small pieces. This means I will be creating my quilted project with strips of fabric.

Many ideas and so little time!  I need more time to think....

I am leaning towards creating a striped table runner like this one from my website:  Made to Order Table Runners

Can you imagine it with all the colors of a Sunset or Sunrise?

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