Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Scraps!

I love to play with fabric scraps!

Saturday afternoon, I gathered up all the small scrap pieces from my table runner (A Sunset for Every Day) and hot pad.

I created a quick place mat. 

I have created and constructed with this method before and I shared a couple PDF patterns on

Scrappy Place Mat explains in detail with tons of photos and I used lite heat and bond for this place mat. The PDF Pattern is only $1.00.

and Scrappy Greeting Cards  is a similar method, but you stitch the scraps onto card stock. The PDF Pattern is only $1.00.

Both PDF Patterns explain in detail the whole process with tons of photos.

Today, I did not use heat on bond on the backs of my pieces.  I want my pieces to naturally fray when I wash them. I am going to share a ton of photos to show you how I made it.

Fabric should be cut larger than you want your place mat to be, by at last an inch or so. I used 80/20 batting (Cotton/Poly).

I selected a tiny stretch stitch on my sewing machine to raw edge applique the triangles in place. You can use any stitch, but I like this one the best.

One done!

I am doing this free form, but I decided to do a little planning and pick the spots for the next two pinwheels.

Stitch a line to connect them.  Just having fun ... whatever feels right.  It's free form!

 I decided to stitch around the pinwheels like a shadowing.

Here is the back side.

Then I decided to stitch some pinwheels around the other pinwheels, but I could have added more pinwheels.  I had lots of scraps.

I ran out of the top thread. I rethreaded my machine with another orangish-yellow, but guess what happened?

I was able to take it all out, without making a hole in the fabric.  If it had made a hole in the fabric, I would have appliqued another pin wheel in that spot.  It is free form so it would not matter where they ended up on the place mat.

Yep!  I like it!

 Trim it to the size. I cut mine 12" by 17".

I zig zagged the edge for the binding. Yes it will natural fray there too.  If you do not like raw edges you should add a binding.

Ready to serve lunch!

I had fun taking photos at different angles.

And some photos of the back. It could be reversible.

It was a great way to use my scraps!

Enjoy your day!



Vilhelm man said...

Beautiful and relaxing sunday to you!
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Chantal said...

Wow I ♥ it. It is so bright and cheerful. It looks like it was made especially for that plate. Glad you were able to remove the awful mess underneath it without too much trouble.

Unknown said...

Very cheerful project for a winter day. I love the happy use of scraps.

nancy b. said...

A nice touch of spring on this cloudy winter day! Like all the photos and clear instructions. I have thread messes like that show up, too. Thanks for the great idea!

Carla said...

How cute and cheerful! Awesome use of scraps!