Monday, January 5, 2015

Trees are the Inspiration for Challenge One!

Trees are usually green, so I have pulled out some of my greens and blue greens from my fabric stash.  I do not like the color green, but my daughter loves green.  That means, I collect green fabrics to make quilts for my daughter. She bought me a bundle of fabric for Christmas this year and it included the 2 greens on the far left.

Last year, I made her a "Squary Quilt" using some soft greens.  I added a few blue greens to the mix and even added one that had tiny purple flowers.

On another note:  Do you know you are suppose to sleep under a quilt, before you give it to a loved one?  Yes --- We slept under it and so did Toby!

Anyway, back to the green fabrics for the Project Quilting Challenge.

I grouped the green fabrics together and took photos of them.  This helps me to see them and to start dreaming about a possible quilt. 

The first one was the dots and check prints.

I like this next collection best, because it has a little blue and a little purple. I hope my daughter chooses these fabrics.

If I were making something for my home, I would choose some of these greens and blues.  It would be perfect in my living room. Our home is surrounded with pine trees.

I do not like these greens, but there were in my fabric stash! I might need them for a binding or the backing fabric.

I love the greens with the pink roses.

The next collection of fabrics have more of a blue green look.

And last but not least my collection of reproduction 30's fabrics.  There are lots of greens here, but less than a fat quarter of each color.  That is ok, as I plan to do something scrappy for the tree inspired challenge.

I think I have plenty of green fabrics to choose from.  I will dream about it tonight and ask my daughter to take a look at them too.  If I am making a green quilt, it might as well be for someone who loves green!

Yesterday and today, I did a little brain storming about the quilt.  I thought about using my Textures Quilt Pattern for the background.

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I also thought about making a wonky log cabin quilt.  That way I could blend several of the greens and blues together and use several strip sizes for the logs of the cabin.

I have a paper pieced pine tree that would be cool too.

I may dream up something completely different tonight!

Thanks for following along!

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Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

I am not a fan of greens, but your stacks there are really so pretty! Makes me want to like it more! I wanted to ask also...the FMQ that you did on the squarey quilt...what is your thoughts on how close to make the FMQ stitches? I have heard close together makes the quilt stiffer and farther apart makes it "drappier" or more wrap-aroundable. But then I heard the difference in batting is also a culprit. What are your thoughts on this?