Thursday, April 23, 2015

Skype Calls with My Grandson Improved with Holly Craft Original Appliques!

We have found a way to improve our Skype calls! 

My grandson is almost 2 years old and he is busy and on the go all the time, but he does sit down for a good book.  I have tried reading books on skype, but it was not successful. It was hard to hold the book and read it and keep it on the camera.  

When I was cutting out the 5 inch squares for my  "I Spy" Quilt, we had fun with those on skype, but they were kind of hard to see. I will share photos of my I Spy Quilt soon.  It is quilted and waiting for me to bind it!

We used the Melissa and David animal and character magnets for a while too.  But they were hard to see on skype too.

Anyway... you get the idea.  I wanted to find something that was easy to see and identify for a busy toddler. I also wanted it to be things that related to our lives and our relationships to keep the long distance relationship going.

I found it!  Holly Craft Originals!  I ordered 25 of them!  I selected things that mean something to us!

When I received them, I displayed them out on the table and I took a photo.  Super super cool!  I LOVE them!

My husband says I am like a "walking commercial" --- If I like or love something, I can't stop talking about it! 

Well.... I love these! Holly hand stitches each one and adds embellishments.  I love all the details and the vibrant colors!

I was going to quilt some squares and make a soft book, but then I remembered 10 years ago I took a recipe/scrapbooking class.  I purchased a couple binders, because I was going to make one for me and one for a gift. I never finished them!  They were the perfect size and the plastic sleeves worked excellent for slipping the appliques into each one. I used some double stick tape on the back of the appliques, so they don't slide to the bottom of the sleeve. If you think it looks like some did slide, they didn't.  I taped them off center, because I like things off center. Also, I could add another one in there as there is room.  Example:  I ordered a lemon and I may add it to the orange.

I had fun selecting the colorful scrapbook papers for the backgrounds.

It made a pretty full binder, but that is Ok.

I requested a couple special orders from Holly.  A nine patch quilt block and a sewing machine. Of course, I asked for a BLUE Sewing machine. I added all the triangles to look like I am sewing like crazee!

A motorcycle for Grandpapa and a bicycle for my grandson as they ride bikes in Europe.

And a fishing boat for Grandpapa, but I guess I don't know what kind of boat he has, as I requested a Bass Tracker and he has a Lund. I guarantee he does not know if I have a Janome or an Elna Sewing Machine or that I have both! He knows I have more than one sewing machine.

And then there is Toby and Rogue! Toby is our dog and Rogue is my son's dog --- My Grand Dogger!

The binder works great for the skype calls.  I stand it up and sit behind it so my grandson can see the book and me!

I plan to use this book with my Grandson for years.  We can make up stories about each item.  This is our book!

My favorite applique is the Kiwi!  Holly's stitching is beautiful!

Really makes the Skype calls fun!

After I had it all together, I realized I needed more!  I just ordered a lemon, an apple, a turtle and an elephant.  With a binder and the plastic sleeves, I can order more anytime and add to it. 

I think need to order a green tractor! and a heart and a ....

Thanks Holly for doing all the hand stitching! I LOVE them!



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Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a wonderful memory book! Such fun and colorful appliques - what a find.

Linda said...

Cute appliques and great idea. That is a great memory book and I hope you add a lot more memories to it with your grandson.