Thursday, April 30, 2015

It is the Eve of May for Me!

Tomorrow is May 1st and the May for Me Celebration starts.  
It's all about taking time for yourself --- exactly what it says: May for Me!

This is the 5th year of the Celebration of May for Me!  It all started with an email conversation between two quilt bloggers...  In March, Tonya (Hillbilly Quilt Shop) and I emailed back and forth talking about how we never find any time for ourselves.  I suggested that we set aside time for ourselves and blog about it. Tonya said I can't do it in April.  So we chose to take time for ourselves in May, thus resulting in the May for Me Celebration!  So I made a  photo logo and we started thinking differently about our me time!  We decided, we would take time for ourselves, even if it is only a few minutes.

I also started the Minutes for Me idea! I think that happened in the second year.

The first year, we posted about taking time for ourselves and invited others to post about that too. It was pretty simple.  We posted whenever and worked on our UFOs and found a few minutes to just enjoy the day!

The second year, Tonya hosted a Mystery Quilt and we all made a quilt. I started the quilt! Here is a link to my finished quilt.  I finished it a year later. Click Here.

I have it proudly displayed on a quilt rack in my bedroom!  I LOVE it for 2 main reasons: Wonderful memories of the May for Me Celebration -- Reminding me to take time for me -- And it is OK to do that! And I have family in the Netherlands --- You know --- my daughter and her husband and my grandson!

The third year, we invited 2 other bloggers to help us with a Bingo Game.  It was fantastic!  But it tied up all of our time with calling items each day.... kind of defeated the purpose of the May for Me Celebration, but it sure was fun!

The fourth year, was last year and it was a low key event. I hosted Giveaways and posted about what I was doing to find time to take Minutes for Me each day.  I really enjoyed it, because I found time for me.  A few bloggers joined in on the fun and linked up their blog and posted a post or two about taking time for themselves.

This is the fifth year for the May for Me Celebration! Here's what I have planned:

1. The May for Me Page ---  I invite you to link up your blog or flicker site or website on the May for Me Celebration Page as long as you share ONE post during May and share the May for Me Logo in your post and link back to me.
That's simple!

2. I will be hosting Giveaways each week!  I plan to giveaway several of my Quilting and Sewing Downloadable Patterns that I have for sale in my Craftsy Store at
Visit Marcia Wachuta - Crafty Sewing and Quilting's Craftsy Pattern Store »

3. Guest Posting --- I have invited several bloggers to share their story about their small businesses and links to their stores and shops.  How they started?  How they make it work with family and business?  How they find time for themselves?  
I posted about this a couple weeks ago.... If you missed it and want to post about yourself and your business and how you make it happen, let me know ---  YES --- I can fit you in! My schedule is going to be very flexible in May!  Just ask me! And YES ---- You can share all your links to everywhere that you share!

4. I plan to finish some of my UFOs and share them. I am hopeful to finish all of them!  LOL, but I am going to try.  I am a multitasker and it is not unusual for me to be working on 2 to 6 quilts at the same time. Yesterday, I was quilting a customer's quilt and it was very intense with detailed quilting, so I took a few breaks and stitched some little squares together. I also cut some strips and squares for a mystery quilt that I am participating in on facebook. And at the end of the day, I came upstairs and I stitched all the 4 patches together for the mystery quilt, while I was baking potatoes and doing wash! Oh and probably listening to a tv show too!

What am I doing right now???

I am participating and sponsoring prizes for the Project Quilting Off Season Challenges - Focus through the Prism. The challenges are a whole month during the off season!  Click on the link and check it out. I will be sharing my projects.  You can click on the links in my sidebar to my past projects. If you are mobile, you can click --- see blog in web version and find my sidebar links that way.

I am participating in a McQuilts Mystery Quilt on facebook hosted by Kristin McCoy. I will share my progress soon.

I am participating in Pat Sloan's Block of the Month Mystery Vacation Time Quilt. Click here for my posts about the blocks so far and you will find links to Pat's Blog too.

5. I plan to share about me.  Remember when I did the FAQ on Fridays?  I told you a little about me and my business and what I was doing.  What do you want to know about me?
I will tell you "my story" of how I started my business and how I make it work and how I stay happy!

Check out the May for Me Celebration Page and link up your Blog now and grab the LOGO and share a post sometime in May! Join in on the fun!

Enjoying May one day at a time!



Lori said...

I LOVE this idea!! Too often we're just too busy doing life to make anything for ourselves. I may have to remember this next year!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I wish I could participate, but, since you started this, I've had 2 graduations, and this year, a wedding. My May's are crazy busy! Have fun, and, I'll try to read all the post (but I'll be way behind, most likely).