Friday, June 19, 2015

Quilt Swirls on my Luggage!

Yes!  I decorated my luggage with a silver sharpie and made swirls all over them. It was easy to find at baggage claim!

I drew on all four sides!

I also made a crocheted flower from fabric strips for the luggage tag. 

I learned how to crochet with plastic strips, last year at the Haak-In while visiting in Amsterdam.  Although this tag is made from fabric.  I made one from plastic too.

I visited Corrie this year while I was in Amsterdam!  Corrie's upcycling and crocheting inspires my quilting and I will be sharing more about that very soon. 

I packed four quilts into my suitcase and carry on bag!  I used the space bags to squeeze them in. Three of them were lap size and one was full size. --- The I Spy Quilt! The Tree Quilt is a large lap quilt. The Sprouts Quilt is also a lap quilt. The fourth quilt was a quilt I made from fabric for a soft book. I plan to share about that quilt soon... That one was baby size. 

 My suitcase was full!

And of course, I took my Skype Book!  My grandson loved it.  We read it every night.  I brought it home with me, so I can use it when we skype.

We had a wonderful time with my daughter and her family.

How do you tag or mark your luggage?




gpc said...

What a clever idea! I would never have thought to use a Sharpie on my luggage. Of course, mine would look more like graffiti than art, but it sure would be easier to find on the luggage return!

The Slow Quilter said...

I do not travel much but when I do I usually have a piece of scrap fabric that I tie to my luggage handle so I know it is mines, But I like your idea, every could you a little lift to there luggage, great idea.

peawink said...

Oh, the appliques are cute - I need to make a TON of felt things for story hour at the library. And I just realized this week that Finn needs an I-spy quilt. I guess I better get started :P

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute idea, but, I can't draw. I use bright, matching ribbons on my luggage (lime green with hot pink edges). I tie the ribbon on every handle. said...

I will be doing the Sharpie thing on my luggage before I travel, thank you for the great idea. I usually just put a bright piece of fabric on the handle but still have to search for it. Glad you had a great visit. L

Farm Quilter said...

I made about 50 super colorful luggage tags that really stand out, but I'm going to have to add a Sharpie quilting to my luggage now!!!


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