Saturday, December 5, 2015

Four Daily Goals for December

Daisy from Ants to Sugar started a Daily Goal Challenge for December.  #atsdailygoals

Here's how it works:

You pick 4 daily goals ( anything ) and then make a sticker chart or something to reward yourself for meeting your goals each day.

I typed mine up and I posted it in my quilting room for a daily reminder.

I made a video scope too. Click here to see it.

Goal number One:  Drink more water! Why?  Because I feel better when I drink more water.

Goal Number Two:  Climb more stairs - 12 plus! I usually go up and down at least 10 times as I work in the lower level of our home.  It should be easy to get more than 12 everyday!

I started wearing a fitbit in the fall and I love it.  It makes me move more and I have lost 5 pounds! 

Goal Number Three:  Straighten something.  A drawer or a shelf. Just one thing, not a whole closet and not a whole dresser.  Just a small thing!  By the end of December, I should be all straighten up!

I dumped it out and lined it with batting and threw some of it away and took out what didn't belong in there.

It looks much better.

Goal Number Four:  Write a Blog Post every day. Click here to see the post from Day 1.

My goal is to post every day this month, but with sustainable interesting posts, not just a few photos and a couple words. 

I plan to share things I have set aside that I thought I did not have time to share. For example, some tutorials and sewing tips I have been meaning to share, and more up close photos of my quilting. I am working on updating my posts from the pasts and I will share those too.

My Reward:

I purchased a paper pieced pattern from C C Quilting on

Click here for the Link to the PDF Downloadable Pattern on

For my reward, I will take 30 minutes of sewing for me. You know, I call that Minutes for Me!

I have some end pieces of this beautiful blue fabrics from next year's Donations Quilt. I need to find some Minutes for Me to sew on this quilt too.

I decided my 30 minutes of sewing would be during the Evening World News as I usually just listen to that anyway.  I completed quite a bit of it yesterday and I finished it today. I will share it in a post later.

Thanks Daisy for starting the challenge.  We are to use the hashtag #atsdailygoals when sharing so others can find us and join in the fun.



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Bernie Kringel said...

That is a very realistic list and will hopefully get you into some healthy patterns. Have fun with the challenge. Blogging every day during the month of December seems like the biggest challenge (to me anyway!) but I look forward to reading the posts. ☺️