Friday, December 4, 2015

Why Are We Making Bright and Colorful Hospice Quilts?

Candy and Debbie and Linda and I have made several beautiful quilts for Rainbow Hospice. Recently, we decided we need more "Bright and Colorful" Quilts. It cheers up the room of a Hospice patient.

I cut tons of 2 1/2 inch strips in bright colors and we combined it with some beautiful prints.

I quilted both of them with large Paisley Swirl Quilting with a Blue quilting thread. 

I selected Purple for the backing fabric. It works perfectly for both of them!

These quilts are placed on the beds of dying patients and they are enjoyed by the family members while they are with their family members for the end of life process.

Then they are given to a family member afterwards. We all hope that they are comforted by our quilts during and afterwards.  

My Dad died in 1996. Rainbow Hospice was fairly new and we were blessed to have them take care of him and us during the our time of need.

Over the years, starting back in 1996, I have been making comfort pillows  for Rainbow Hospice.  My kids and my Mom and I made them.  See the link for photos and how to make the comfort pillows.

I am sharing today, two quilts that were made by Candy and I. 

Whenever we make them I quilt/stitch in " Made with Love by ..... (Our Names - whoever contributed to that quilt).

Many friends have shared with us.

Our friend, LouAnn donated fabric and we added her name too.  

At a quilt retreat, last year, several people brought us their Orphan Quilt Blocks to add to a quilt. 

Some people brought us fabric and batting. 

All gifts are appreciated.

Do you want to help us by sending us Orphan Quilt Blocks, fabric for the quilt top and backing, or batting or money? Please send me an email at and find our how you can help us give too.

We appreciated any contributions.  Thanks in advance. I will add your name to the stitching for that quilt or quilts. 

You can help us even if you are not a quilter.  Again, Thanks in advance.

Yes --- We use Quilt Patterns? 

The one with more Red and Orange is Pat Sloan's String Bean Quilt. Here is the link String Bean Quilt.

I used Pat Sloan's String Bean Quilt Pattern for a Hospice Quilt earlier this year.

Click here for that post to see the quilt up close.

The other one is a Post Card Pattern that Candy purchased and I will get that information and post it here later this week. Sorry I do not have it right now. Check back later in the week or email me if you are looking for it and I will email the information to you when I get it.

My Mom and I made a Passage Quilt for Rainbow Hospice. Click here to see that quilt.

Last year Candy and I made a Patriotic Passage Quilt for Rainbow Hospice. Click here to see that quilt.

I share to inspire you to create! 

I am not asking for a donation, but I am giving you the information, if you would like to team up with us and join in the fun of giving to others, to comfort others in their time of need, as we know how much it meant to us when we were in need.

According to the News, this week is the week for giving!

Enjoy your day!


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Kristine Abat said...

Lovely quilts and it is even lovelier because you are making it for a charitable cause. I had a fellow sewing addict friend (site of my friend) whom I share this hobby with and we are making some clothes for a home for the neglected elderly women in our area. It is really nice to give back during Christmas, isn’t it?