Tuesday, December 1, 2015

31 Days of Blog Writing!

Welcome to the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge!

I am taking the challenge!
The Host of the Challenge is CHERYL SLEBODA
Textiles. Technology. Texture. Teacher.

Click on the Link above to read all about it and how it works.  You can do it too, even if you are joining in late.

We are to use the hashtag #31dayblogchallenge for our social media posts so others can find us.

I will try to post every day this month, but with sustainable interesting posts, not just a few photos and a couple words.I plan to share things I have set aside that I thought I did not have time to share. For example, some tutorials and sewing tips I have been meaning to share, and more up close photos of my quilting. I am working on updating my posts from the pasts and I will share those too.

Yesterday, I posted twice! I posted the up close photos of my 7th Focus Through the Prism Project Quilting Challenge Quilt. I linked it up for the Project Quilting Challenge.

What Color is Your Snowball?

And I posted a photo tutorial on how I made my Layered Snowball Quilt.

A Layered Snowball --- Photo Tutorial

I have so much to tell you.... 

Where do I start ?
This challenge will help me share!

I have started sharing 10 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursday on Periscope Videos ( @craftysewing ) and then I am sharing  blog posts of the up close photos of what I shared on the videos.
I recently, shared a step by step, raw edge applique, thread painted quilted project on a video, But I have not found the time to share the up close photos on my blog. I promise that will be one or a couple of the posts about "The Girls"! I finally learned how to make a PDF so I can share the pieces for "The Girls" so I can share it as a pattern.

If you want to hop over in see the 4 videos about "The Girls" you can view them over at the website Katch.me/craftysewing

Recently, my inspiration for getting back into regular posting came from Gina at The Shabby Creek CottageThe Shabby Creek Cottage.  She created a PDF Document about creating sustainable content for your blog and she shares about blogging on periscope every morning and is really inspiring me to share more on my blog!

The Blog Post Tool Kit  --- Click here to see it and read about it!
--------------- If you decide to purchase it from Gina, Please come back after you read about it and use the Buy It Now Button here and I receive a percentage of the sale. 

Click Here to Purchase the Blog Tool Kit. I get a percentage of the sale if you purchase it through this link.  Thanks in Advance! You will LOVE it!
Buy Now

Please tell Gina that Marcia from Crafty Sewing recommended you purchase it.

That is why I am going to update older posts --- especially the ones with the photo tutorials on all the quilts and quilted items I have created! I started my blog back in 2008. I have come a long way from my  first post! It will be a process that I am very excited about doing and improving my blog!

Join in the fun of trying to post every day in December!

Click here to check it out:

The 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge 
Textiles. Technology. Texture. Teacher.


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