Saturday, March 18, 2017


Contemplation ---- The action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.

It seems that is what my husband is doing in this photo. 

When we visited my daughter and her family this year, we had some photos taken by a photographer (Joeri Cochuyt) while we were having lunch and playing games with our grandchildren. The photographer captured a great one of my husband and several of all of us, but this one was exceptional.

I decided to create a silhouette quilt of my husband for the last Project Quilting challenge for Season 8.

I combined Dye Candy Fabrics and Cherrywood Fabrics to construct the quilt. 

I used my Textures Quilt Pattern to create the texture background.

I also created this quilt as a "practice quilt" for the Vincent Van Gogh Cherrywood Quilt Challenge for 2017. I will be making that in April. I plan to make a very similar quilt for that challenge, but it needs to be 20" by 20".

My Contemplation Quilt measures 17" by 17".

I took photos of all the steps - of course.

Photo credit:  Joeri Cochuyt 

I printed out the photo in draft and black and white to make a template for the silhouette. I used Lite Heat and Bond to adhere it to the black fabric for the silhouette. 

My Textures Quilt Pattern was the perfect choice for creating texture with the blue fabrics for the background of my quilt. I made my pieces smaller in scale than the pattern instructions. 

I used two layers of black 80/20 batting.

I quilted with overlapping tiny circles for the silhouette to give it a solid texture quilting using black thread on the black fabric.

And wavy lines that intersect at the corners for the outside borders.

I quilted wavy and swirly lines with a blue quilting thread on the background to give it a Van Gogh look like in the painting Starry Night.

Yes, I always stitch my name into my quilts with the year.

Here's a photo of the backside.

Through Project Quilting, I tend to challenge myself beyond the challenge.  Each time, I have tried a new technique or new way to do something. This year, I made a quilt using my daughter's very basic Ikea sewing machine with no sewing supplies to speak of! 

I found this quote by Vincent Van Gogh. I think it fits perfectly!

See the previous post about an extra prize, if you create a quilt for this challenge and you are NEW to Project Quilting.

Thanks for following along.


Amazing Photographer:  Joeri Cochuyt

Quilt Pattern for the background: Textures Quilt Pattern


Betsy said...

It is beautiful,inspirational and such a lovely idea

Mel Beach said...

It is gorgeous! If this is your practice piece, then I can't wait to see your final cherrywood Van Gogh challenge entry! I am sure it will be stunning.