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Please Join in the Fun of Project Quilting - Next Week!

This email came from Kim at Persimmon Dreams who hosts Project Quilting. 
And after her email, I posted my encouraging words for you to try Project Quilting and a special prize if your are participating for the first time with Project Quilting!


I hope this message finds you well.  The final challenge of Project QUILTING Season 8 will be posted this Sunday, March 12th and Noon CST.  It has been an incredible, record breaking season so far!  We’ve had five challenges and 585 quilts have been completed!  201 quilters from around the globe have completed at least one challenge piece and 54 folks have completed all of the challenges thus far.  

Quilts as small as 3” x 2”  have been made (  and

even intricately paper pieced quilts ( have been created during this weekly challenge.

One of the participants has put on a second, personal challenge – all of the quilts she makes must not only relate to the theme of Project QUILTING but also have a Star Wars spin to them.

Just check out how creative these are!


This participant made her first quilt EVER for the Project QUILTING challenge “Well-Dressed Man.”

Since this is the 8th Season and things are going so well, I would love to somehow encourage at least 215 quilters to participate in the final challenge – which would bring the overall total of the season to 800!  (the most ever in a previous season being 355). 

If you feel like your audience would be interested, I would love if you could post to your blog and/or social media once the challenge is up to help promote the final week.  Feel free to use the message above or let me know if you want more from me.  I have also attached an image you can use to promote the final challenge on Instagram.

Thank you again for all your support this season … the prizes have been so appreciated and has definitely encouraged more folks to join in.

Take care,
Kim Lapacek

PS - The challenge goes up on the 12th and folks will have until the 19th to finish it.  If you post anywhere now through the 14th would be ideal.

     ---------End of the email---------

I want Project Quilting to break the record of 800 quilts in a season! 
That is why I am asking you to create a quilt with me this next week, starting at noon on March 12th through noon on March 19th.

Please consider joining in on the fun of making a quilt 
small or large
easy or difficult in one week.

I am going to suggest small and easy!

Keeping in mind that you create at your own level -- a beginner or an expert.

The Project Quilting Challenge will be posted on Sunday, March 12th at noon and you have til March 19th at noon to finish it and take a photo and email it a photo to Kim at

Check out all the details at Persimon Dreams.

I have sponsored Project Quilting with prizes since Season 2 and I have participated in all of the challenges from Season 2 to Season 8! Sometimes, I made small or easy quilts and sometimes, I challenged myself and made difficult ones.

You can click here and all of my posts starting with the newest post ---  My Project Quilting Quilt PostsIt starts with the most current post and keep hitting "older post" to see all of them. 

The easiest one I made was My Stick Family Quilt.

This one was made with limited time....
Just in the Brick of Time! I started it on a Thursday night at a quilt retreat and between returning home and setting up to sew at home and quilting and binding on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning!

I made this one for my daughter for a special gift for her PhD ceremony. See the star in the top corner -- I quilted the words: "You are one of the stars in our family tree!"

The Spinning Spiral Flower Bag was a fun challenge!

This was the most difficult quilt I created in one week!

Here's the link to the series of posts on how I made it: Connectivity Quilt.

This is the first quilt, I created for a Project Quilting Challenge back in 2011 (Season 2) A baby quilt made with Primary Colors - plus!

This is a link to all the posts so far this year:  My Quilts for Season 8 2017 ---- It starts with the most current one and keep hitting "older post" to see all of them.

This season, I started with a very easy Yoga Mat this season using my daughters very basic IKEA sewing machine with very limited supplies at her home. Eight is Great!

I told my Mom if she lived closer to me I would make her do a quilt for the challenge! My Mom doesn't sew, but she has helped me make a donation quilt every year, for the past 19 years. She selects the colors and helps with the pressing. The past couple years, she helps by purchasing the fabrics.

Here is a post about us working together to make our donation quilt back in 2012. Click here to see that post: Mom and Me.

This is our 2017 Donation Quilt.

I hope this post encourages you to try a Project Quilting Challenge.  This is the last one for the Season 8.

Create a small and easy quilt and join in on the fun!

Please help Project Quilting break a record!

The Project Quilting Challenge will be posted on Sunday, March 12th at noon and you have til March 19th at noon to finish it and take a photo and email it a photo to Kim at

Check out all the details at Persimon Dreams.

Thanks for reading this all the way to the end!

I will be sharing an extra prize for ALL of the NEW participants of Project Quilting for this last Quilt Challenge!

I will be sponsoring with one of my 31 PDF Downloadable Patterns from my Craftsy Store. You can check them out here!

Enjoy your day!


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