Monday, May 1, 2017

May for Me!

Starting today, I will be sporadically sharing posts about the May for Me Celebration and how I find 5 minutes a day or more to take time to create and make you smile.  

I will be sharing here and on Instagram and on facebook and on Twitter and on Pinterest! Join in the fun of sharing about creating 5 minutes or more a day for a whole month!

Creating with fabric (simple sewing and quilting), creating with paper, making healthy food choices and displaying it on your plate, creating with plants, and more....

Several years ago, I teamed up with a few bloggers and hosted a May for Me Celebration on my blog, but after hosting it for a couple years, I decided to discontinue hosting as it was a lot of work for me and I wasn't enjoying it.

This is the logo I used for it.

I was sharing how to take time for yourself and not feel guilty about enjoying the moments or smelling the roses, or just taking time to play each day - just for 5 minutes or longer. 

I will be doing it again, but on a smaller scale and I might share every day and I might share several posts a day and I may skip a day or too! #mayforme2017

I would like to invite you to join in on the fun, please hashtag your posts on social media with this:  #mayforme2017

It is so important to me, to take time to create a little each day....makes me smile.

I love to smile each day and to feel good, so join in the fun and take time to create and share a post about what you are doing.

Let's start off the May for Me Celebration with a FREE PDF Downloadable Pattern for you!  If you are regular follower you may already have this pattern. It's not just for Valentine's Day!

I scaled it down on my printer and made a mini quilt for a loved one and included it with a sympathy card. I selected some hand dyed velvet pieces to add in with a few embroidery stitches to top it off.

Enjoy your day --- the first day in May!



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Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing the pattern Marcia. I have participated in your May for Me event a couple of times. Seeing your post brought back memories. I am moving my sewing space to a new part of our house so I have not had much time to be creative. I am going to try to focus on a few minutes each day of doing something creative. Thanks for the inspiration.