Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What's for Dinner Tonight?

It's the second day of May and it's still cold in Wisconsin.  I have the heat up and I am turning the oven on!

I want time to play in May. I want to sew for more than 5 minutes at the end of my day, so I am roasting some Dilly Beef.  

It's a simple recipe and I will serve it on hamburger buns tonight with a side salad. 

I say I don't cook, but I really do cook, but it has to be easy!

The recipe can be found on my Lunch looks like a quilt to me Blog.

You can use any kind of pickles.  Today, I used the end of 2 jars of pickles.  One was a sweet dill pickle with the dill, onion, and garlic pieces and the other one was hamburger pickles. Lots of juice and not very many pickles, but that is ok. It's the juice that we need anyway!

You can season it with your favorite seasonings. I add Mrs. Dash Garlic seasoning and a little salt and pepper.

The recipe I shared over on my food blog was a full jar of pickles!

Check it out here: Dilly Beef

What do you fix, that is quick and easy for dinner, on a cold day?

Enjoy your day!


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