Sunday, July 1, 2018

"The Barn Quilt"

The Barn Quilt is traveling around and is on display through September. It is currently on display at the Old Oak Inn in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin and then it will be at Timberlanes Coffee House and Gallery in Boscobel, Wisconsin during the month of August. If it gets accepted in the Madison Quilt Expo, it will be in Madison, Wisconsin for that quilt show in September.

I combined three photos to create the "Barn Quilt". It was a custom order. The barn is to represent my customer's family barn. It was from a photo she took. The photo on the left is of a landscape quilt, I had made for a Project Quilting challenge, and the photo in the center of my customer's cupola. Plus they have tons of pine trees!

On display at Old Oak Inn.

Here's how I created it!

My husband took a photo when I was quilting it.

I quilted my name in the corner - Marcia 2017

I flipped it over so you can see the back of "The Barn Quilt".

This is another quilt that I created in a similar way. Here is a link to the post all about the "My First Bloom Quilt" and how I created it.

This is the Barn Quilt from a Project Quilting Challenge and the link to that post: "If I Had a Barn...."

Enjoy your day!



tealeafquilts said...

Perfect! I like how you offset the border on the Barn Quilt! Very effective. I might steal that idea!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Marcia, this quilt is incredible.
I love it. I love that you shared your process. Very amazing