Thursday, January 27, 2011

Project Quilting Season 2 Challenge Two -- The Begining steps for my Name of a Place Quilt

This is available as a PDF Downloadable Pattern in my Craftsy Store - Texture Quilt Pattern.

This is my background fabric... Follow the steps and you can make it too!

Step 1 - Cut strips from whites, tans and creams 1 1/4 inch wide to 3 inches wide. Plan to use the front and back sides of both -- meaning no right sides or pretty sides of the fabric. We want textures!
Step 2 - Randomly sew any two strips together any sizes on any side! If they are not the same length just cut them off and use the extra pieces on another strip.
Step 3 - randomly sew another strip onto the two strip sets. Continue to add strips onto them and sew some of the sets together - see next picture too.
Time to PRESS!
Step 4 - Now that they are nicely pressed and cut the sets of strips into long strips from 1 1/4 inch wide to 3 inches wide.

Step 5 - Cut a square any size -- I chose 3 inches. I cut about 10 - 12 squares to start the process. Might need more later.

Use the strips from the sides with your strip sets if you need a longer piece later.

Step 6 - Sew the strips sets on one side of all the 3 inch squares -- let's call it the right side. PRESS and rotary cut - trim the ends.
Step 7 - Sew another strip on one side of the square - let's call it the top side. PRESS and rotary cut and trim the ends.

Step 8 - Sew another strip on the left side. PRESS and rotary cut and trim the ends.

Step 9 - Sew another strip on the bottom side. PRESS and rotary cut and trim the ends.

Step 10 - Sew another side on any side and PRESS and trim and then sew another side on any side, until your block is the size you want it. Some will need two more strips and some will need four more strips. PRESS the blocks. I cut rectangles from the blocks - not squares and sewed them together in long rows -- see the next blog entry tomorrow.

Can you guess what it is, yet?

More photos on Flicker and my Photo Gallery.

Information - Project Quilting

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Joy said...

Thanks for the tutorial on this background. I will be trying it for sure.