Monday, January 10, 2011

My Quilt Project for Project Quilting --- The Beginning

Project Quilting ---I am starting to select the fabrics and plan a bit! Yellow, Blue, and Red -- Reads solid with a little texture for interest!

OK Should I add more yellows and blues and reds???

How about adding secondary colors - Purple and Orange and Green? I don't know... maybe not?

Add fabrics with all the colors with white and black backgrounds and a bunch of strips of all the colors with more textures???? What should I do??

Add seersucker fabrics.......... I liked the idea of the white fabric with the colors and then I thought of all that seersucker fabric I have (which I will never use---- but I like how it feels)..... It will give the quilt more "feel texture" !!! And don't use the black and white fabrics in the picture above.

Add more white fabric to the colors? That might create a nice space to quilt on the plain white? I don't know?! I think I will add more texture yellows and a couple reds, with a touch of green to pick up the green in the tulips! What do you think?

I think this is it!! I will press and cut tomorrow and start sewing... ....have to do just a little bit each day, as the quilting business is busy in the winter months! Quilt, quilt, quilt.... then I can play! Maybe tonight I will dream about the way I want to sew the pieces together.... Sweet Sewing Dreams....

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