Monday, January 17, 2011


Pick your favorite quilt!!!
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Miss Hillbilly said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I wrote a really long reply to the first; hit send; and then realized your blogger was set to no reply. LOL.

I finished telling you my sewing machine nightmare story. Oh, well, it's floating around cyber space now. LOL. What you read is only the beginning. And I do so miss a good machine! But, I do feel it will make me appreciate the Horizon so much more!

My mom passed so long ago. I got a surprise on facebook about a month ago. I need to blog about that. I think I will tomorrow.

Did you enjoy making your Challenge quilt? I ended up throwing mine away. Here I was trying to hand sew much of it..and then the iron broke. WHAT NEXT?? So, I just threw it away. LOL

Embroidery has saved me from going crazy. I took it up again after 15 years of machine sewing only.