Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's May for Me?

May for Me is a promotion to get YOU to take time for yourself.  Tonya and I are asking you to set aside the month of May for you.  We along with other blogger participants will share our ideas about how to do things more efficiently so you have time to sew.  I have also coined the term Minutes for Me as part of the promotion.  This promotion started with some email conversations between Tonya and I and we said let's do it -  let's make May for Me!  For you!

  • Finish things you have put aside, but never take the time to finish.  
  • Do other tasks faster, so you have time to sew and quilt.  
  • Learn how to relax when you are "crazy busy" - Minutes for Me!
Promotions for April and May:
I will be doing some quilting prize giveaways!
  • $20.00 Gift Certificates off machine quilting services
  • $10.00 Gift Certificates off Extra Wide Fabrics
  • And more prize giveaways... to be announced in April and May
  • Free Entry in the Online Quilting Show starting July 8, 2011, featuring quilt projects you completed in May!  The online quilt show will run from July 8th til the end of 2011.  More details to follow..
If you would like to do May for Me, here is how to do it: 
Follow My Blog - Crafty Sewing and Quilting  and  Tonya's Blog - Hillbilly Handiworks.  

If you would like to be listed with your link as a participant...
Grab the May for Me Link and photo in the sidebar and put it on your blog or website --->
Please leave a comment on the bottom of this post or the May for Me Page to let me know you grabbed it and I will list you and your link on the May for Me page.

Please email me any blog posts you do about May for Me, so I can link to that too!

Let's make May for Me! For you!


Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

Can you email me off post - I'd like to add a prize to the list...


Miss Hillbilly said...

Oh, this is an awesome post! You are the best! You have really lined up some fun things!! Ok, my thinking cap needs to get put on a little tighter.

I am going to post about this post tomorrow. I think everyone needs to read it.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I'd love to add some time saving tips on my blog posts during May for Me. I am always posting about adding fun into quilting. Even some non-quilty me items need to be added, we need to pamper.

Heather said...

I'm going to join in, although I don't know what I'll be doing just yet!

Found you thru my Sis's blog (Tonya- hillbilly handiworks)


Patty@inStitches said...

I did it! I DID it! i did IT! It only took me four days, but I finally got May-for-Me link to come up on my blog! I'm so pleased - now if I can just figure out HOW I did it, but I did - did - did it!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't blog yet, but I follow you and Tonya's blogs. I will be following along and learning.... I am really bad about not taking time for me, so this is a good thing!
Jacque in SC