Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week of Hearts --- Hearts in the Snow

Some people make snow angels..... I make hearts.

I used an old spray bottle, some water, and red food coloring. 
How much? 
Water: about a cup
Red food coloring: a little squirt bottle - the whole bottle. I don't need it for cooking and I am sure it was really old food coloring. Probably from years ago.

I figured it was safe for the snow and the grass, if we can eat it. There is at least a foot of snow between the heart and the snow.

Up close... It was snowing as I was spraying.

I am just a kid at heart!




Kim said...

so fun! :)

Lida said...

How cute, zo much fun and so much Valentine! Hugs

Sharon J. Hughson said...

Very cool! I might try it next snow we have here.