Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Project Quilting Challenge this week is ...

... "Across the Universe" --- Click here to get the details of the challenge over at Persimon Dreams Blog - Project Quilting.

I was traveling back home from a quilt retreat on Sunday and I pulled over and called my Mom and asked her to read the challenge to me.  I wanted to brainstorm ideas while I was driving.  For some reason, I think I need to know the challenge as soon as it is posted.  I have been thinking about is since Sunday. I have a great idea!  

Today, I finally gathered the fabrics.

I selected several textures.

I selected greens and browns.

I cut a variety of sizes from the fabrics. Kind of estimating what size I will need for each of the fabrics. I spent the evening ironing heat n bond lite to the back of the pieces. 

 I wanted to get all the ironing done, as we are suppose to have a winter storm tomorrow starting with freezing rain during the night and then up to 6 to 8 to 10 inches of snow in our area.  There is always a possibility of loosing power when we get freezing rain. I wanted to make sure I was ready, if we did, all of my applique pieces would be ready to cut.

I love the batik with the fish!  I can't wait to start cutting.

I am ready to create my challenge quilt --- Inspired by "Across the Universe"!

Stayed tuned for more later in the week.


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VickiT said...

Can't wait to see more with that one Marcia. That's a huge amount of very different fabrics.