Sunday, February 23, 2014

Across the Pond to Grandmama's House - An Imaginary Map

"Across the Pond to Grandmama's House " is what I named my quilted project for Challenge Number 4 "Across the Universe".  My grandson feels like he is across the universe to me. Yes Skype and emails and What's Up and frequent airplane trips really help make him feel closer. I can't imagine not seeing him a couple times a week - almost every day through the computer.

I had talked about making him a quilted mat for driving his little cars on and this challenge was the perfect one to make an imaginary map of where I live and where he lives. 

I took several photos of it while I was quilting, so you can see all the textures of the thread painting.

I linked this post up with all the finished projects HERE. I am number 31. Hop over and check it out!

Thanks for following along...


PersimonDreams said...

This is so wonderful! He's going to love playing on this! AND every time he uses it he'll think of Grandmama!

Trish Frankland said...

Love your thread-play here. The vines on the building are a nice touch!

Farm Quilter said...

Love this quilt!! Just perfect for a little boy across the pond! Pat yourself on the back, grandma!!!

Love Of Quilts said...

What a neat quilt to make him. So pretty too.