Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week of Hearts --- Sweet Hearts, Grandma's Hearts, and Musical Hearts

I searched my blog for posts about hearts.

I found "My Little Sweetheart Box"  This link will take you to all the posts about the Sweetheart Box and the tutorial on how to make the quilted box.

"My Little Sweetheart Box" 

I found the post about Eve's Heart Quilt.  She made with her Grandma.

"Eve's Heart Quilt"

Her Grandma brought the quilt to me to quilt, while Eve watched. Name of the post was:  "Why Grandma?"

I found hearts on the quilt, I created for my brother's recording studio.  I am inspired by his music. I named it "Keep on Dreaming" after one of his songs.

I wiggle line quilted most of this quilt.  I wiggled the lines of the checker board and the heart too.

When I was done I threw it in the snow for a photo or two.... The wind caught it and it rolled on the top of the snow.

"Keep on Dreaming"

I hope you are enjoying my Week of Hearts.

Happy Heart Week!



Val's Quilting Studio said...

"LOVE" this post! I'm going to check out the little box tutorial for sure! Love the pic of you two!! AFORABLE!!!!!

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