Thursday, May 14, 2015

A May for Me Guest Post!

Hi, I am Holly from

HollyCraft Originals

Handmade Fabric Appliques and More!

I love to make cards, scrapbook, quilt and try new things in crafting. I am a work at home mom of 2 kids.

I joined Etsy on July 24, 2007. My favorite materials are cotton, cardstock, ink, rubber stamps, fabric, buttons, embroidery floss, vintage cotton, recycled denim and corduroy.

I am bringing quality fabric embellishments and accessories from my home in West Michigan to everyone out there seeking fun and unique handmade products. My goal at HollyCraft Originals is to provide my customers with original designs that they can use and that will inspire them to create.

If you name a craft, I have probably tried it. I have been crafting as long as I can remember, with my Mom as my biggest influence.

During the scrapbooking phase of my crafty endeavors, I was in search of some fabric flowers. When looking for them, there didn't seem to be many choices and what I found seemed I decided to make my own.

I had tried selling online with other things, like crocheted hats, cards...but nothing seemed to sell much. Then I started putting my fabric flowers in my Etsy store. From there, I created many other designs and had finally found a niche.

I make fabric embellishments/appliques/patches (whatever you want to call them) mostly from upcycled fabrics along with fabric leftover from other projects. All of them are cut out by hand and sewed by hand. When I run out of fabric there may be no more! This makes my appliques one of a kind. 

I am very thankful I get to work at something that I love doing.

My clown fish. I had fun making the little denim bubbles on this one.

This was a drawing my niece did of her mom baking cookies. I had to turn it into an applique and put it on an apron. So fun! Such a nice gift.

A custom made Train T-Shirt.

My son made a drawing of two monsters. Here is the photo of one of the monsters. Then I made the monster appliques.

Here's another example of special orders. The unicorns and mouse were made to match fabrics.

I have a "thing" for owls! When I was looking through my photos for this post, I found several of owls.

 Available at HollyCraft Originals - Etsy Shop

I love to do custom orders. Many of my appliques are made because someone has asked for a certain applique design.

Marcia asked me to share all the links to HollyCraft Originals!


__HollyCraft_ on twitter

@hollycraftoriginals on instagram

Marcia ordered several appliques to create a one of kind original "Grandmama Book" for using when she talks on Skype with her grandson, who lives in Belgium.  It makes it fun to interact with their own personalized book!

She just ordered more appliques to add to the book.

Thanks Marcia for having me as a Guest Poster! I enjoyed sharing my story.


You can leave a comment here and I will share them with Holly.  When you go to her website check out the video!

Thanks Holly for sharing your story!

There will be more Guest Posts this month.  If you would like to guest post, send me an email and you can share too! 

Enjoying May, one day at a time...


P.S. My favorite applique is the Kiwi, because I love to hear my grandson say "kiwi" and smile. He loves them as much as I do!  It is really my favorite one, because I love the detailed stitching.

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What a nice blog post! Thank you so much for sharing my shop, Marcia. I will be sharing this for you!!