Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Missing Monkey Wrenches Quilt

I created this 20" by 20" quilt for the Focus Through the Prism Series for the Off Season Project Quilting Challenge for May.  This is my post of my completed quilt for linking up for the Challenge.

I am Marcia Wachuta.
I named my quilt:  The Missing Monkey Wrenches.
I create in Boscobel, Wisconsin.
I am a long arm quilter, who sponsors all of the Project Quilting Challenges with prizes.

I am offering a "Quilting Special" to everyone who makes a Challenge Quilt.  Only $25.00 for special detailed quilting on your 20" by 20" quilt for the challenge each month. Includes quilting and thread and batting. First email or message me that you are mailing your quilt top and backing fabric to me each month by the 1st of the month.  It must be in my quilting shop by the 15th of the month and I will mail it out by the 22nd of the month or earlier. Add $6.10 US shipping for return shipping. Total Only $31.10. I would LOVE to quilt your challenge quilt!

Here is the post about Marsha's Monkey Wrench Quilt and Quilting. I shared lots of up close photos of the quilting.

Click here for the links to all the posts about my Missing Monkey Wrenches Quilt. It will start with the most recent post (this post) and then scroll down to the last post. I shared it all.

Here are the individual links to each post:

1. About the Focus Through The Prism Series for Project Quilting and the Fabric Bundle - I share all the photos of the fabrics with my print fabrics.

2. Selecting the fabric for my quilt and creating my quilt

3. Post on quilting my quilt including more up close photos

4. This post: the completed quilt - the quilting and binding.

Here are some more up close photos of the front and back of my Missing Monkey Wrenches Quilt.

I really enjoyed creating and quilting this quilt for the challenge.

Yes --- I stitched my name and 2015 into the quilt, but I could not decide on the direction of the quilt, so I quilted in my name at an angle.

Instead of an embroidery stitch for the binding I selected a tiny stretch stitch.

And a couple photos of the backside.

I made the hanging sleeve, but I still need to hand stitch it on.  That needs to be done before I mail it to Kim in January 2016. Plenty of time!

I am leaning towards this direction.

But I like this one too! This one was my original idea.

What are you doing with your scraps?

I am saving each month's scraps, together in a one gallon bag for a quilt project that I will share with you in July. I am saving the hand dyed fabric pieces with all the print fabrics that I used.  This month, I had a yard of the green printed fabric, but I probably won't use all of that for my scrap quilt, but for now, I will save the whole yard with the scraps instead of putting it back with my shelves with my stash fabric. I am waiting til July to share my scrap quilt, as then I will have 3 bags of scraps to use. If you want to save yours too, grab a bag and label it with your scraps each month.

Check out all the Monkey Wrench Quilts for the Focus Through the Prism Series for Project Quilting for the May Challenge at Persimon Dreams --- Click HERE
 am linking up this post there too!

Enjoying May, one day at time...

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Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said...

This is an awesome quilt. Love the quilting, the piecing, the fabric, all of it.