Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"The Missing Monkey Wrenches"

Project Quilting's Off Season Challenges are a series of 7 quilts.  There will be a challenge every month based on a quilt block and you select a color from your project quilting bundle to create with. I selected green. It is my least favorite color.

See all the details over at Persimon Dreams - Project Quilting.

Click here to see the post about creating my quilt top.

It was ready to quilt, so I selected a hand dyed blue and green fabric for the backing fabric.  The fabric was purchased from Chris at Dye Candy Fabrics. I think it is perfect!

Next I selected the quilting thread.  I knew I wanted to use at least 2 or 3 colors, so I laid out several to help me decide.

I selected a bright green and grass green and a dark green.

Since this is only a 20" by 20" wall hanging, I decided to use two layers of black 80/20 batting.  This will give it firmness and highlight the quilting.

I started quilting with the background and quilted several Monkey Wrench designs. I used the dark green quilting thread on the black fabric.  They are the missing Monkey Wrench Blocks!

In and around the Monkey Wrenches I quilted with Pebble Quilting. 

On the Monkey Wrenches, I quilted with wiggle line quilting and quilted in the missing points of the Monkey Wrench Quilt Blocks.

I really had fun with the quilting! 


Some cool photos of the backside!

I like it as much as the front side!

Of course I named it "The Missing Monkey Wrenches"!

It is ready to bind!

My husband cut a wood dowel 22 inches long for hanging it. But I don't think I will make the hanging sleeve til later as that needs to hand sewn on the back.

I can not link up this post for Project Quilting, yet, as I have to complete the binding.  Stay tuned for another post with my finished quilt... soon... before the end of the month.

There is a Giveaway every week during May for the May for Me Celebration.  Click here for the current Giveaway.

Enjoying May, one day at a time!


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Janie Bettis said...

I really like your cool mini. The quilting is great, and thank you for explaining the choices you made...a mini lesson!