Monday, November 30, 2015

A Layered Snowball --- Photo Tutorial

Here's how I made my Layered Snowball Quilt. This is just to give you a general idea of how I made my layered snowball. No exact measurements. 

See the finished photos in the next post.

Start with any size square and any size of the 4 triangles to make it uneven.

After I stitched and pressed the corners, I cut away the extra fabric away to reduce the bulk.

Then stitched on 4 strips - any size.

Square up uneven before adding the next corners.

Cutting the excess from behind the corners.

Here's a couple photos of "Squaring it up uneven".

Then I stitched on strips of the lite blue batik, but forgot to take a photo.

Cherrywood Blue fabric again - corners and strips.

Then the black corners, but no black strips, as it is as large as I wanted it. 20 3/4"  X  20 3/4". That way after it is quilted it will measure  20"  X   20"  square.

See photos of the finished quilt in the next post.

This is a 20" X 20" challenge quilt created for the Focus Through the Prism Challenge. This is the 7th one of 7. We were to be inspired by the Snowball Quilt Block.


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Carla said...

I'm gonna have to pin this and try later
Love the colors you're using and the pattern.