Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Quilts from the Past --- My Past Quilts - Pineapple Quilt

On Periscope yesterday, I created my first video scope.  I shared my Blue and White Pineapple Quilt.  I made it and quilted it in 2005.

It measures 81" by 108".  I have it hanging on the wall in my quilt studio and it greets me every morning. 

Because it is so long, I had to baste stitch the right side under so that I could hang it on the quilt rack.  That way it stays flat on that side.

I used almost every blue that I owned plus some of my quilting friends shared their blue fabrics with me.

I am sharing some up close photos of this quilt, but keep in mind that I quilted it a long time ago.  My meandering looks a little wonky, but I was in my first couple years of quilting and there is a big learning curve to mastering longarm quilting.  

I quilted my quilt with an overall medium Meandering with a Twist. The Twists are the little hearts.

My pineapple quilt was made using the Pineapple Quilt - A Piece of Cake pattern book by Loretta Smith from the Quilts in a Day Publications.

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in November I will be sharing a short periscope video and inviting you into my quilt studio to share a quilt or two that I have made.  I will also share photos here of the quilts I share.

My name is craftysewing for periscope, instagram, and twitter and you can find replays of my videos on Katchme.

This is the direct link to my first periscope video that is saved on Katchme: 

Thanks for following along with my sharing "My Quilts from My Past".



Maite - vitoma said...

Qué preciosidad!!!!

Grammasheri said...

That is a gorgeous quilt Marcia! I mean is GORGEOUS!