Monday, November 30, 2015

What Color is Your Snowball?

If a snowball had color, mine would be BLUE! 

I created a Layered Snowball for the Focus Through the Prism Challenge this month.  We were to be inspired by the Snowball Quilt Block.

I named it: "My Blue Snowball"

Flipping it over to see the backside.

I really had fun with the quilting on this one!

Wiggle Lines in a Spiral,
Wavy Lines,
Horizontal Wiggle Lines, 
and Wavy and Wiggle Lines combined!

I stitched in my name and the year.

I really can't believe the 7 quilt challenges are completed! I finished all 7 of them.

Here are the links to the other six quilt challenges:

Hop over and check out all the beautiful quilts that were created this month.


1 comment:

Carla said...

Love all the quilting on your quilts. The snowball is really cool