Thursday, February 3, 2011

Panel Quilts with SHORT backing fabric!

So you bought a beautiful panel of fabric with matching backing fabric (maybe it was a kit), but the backing fabric is the same size as the front and it is not big enough for a long arm quilter to pin and clamp onto the rollers, so what do you do?

Add fabric strips! Here's how to do that.

Press/Iron your backing fabric and then make sure it is straight. Trim the uneven sides to make it a perfect rectangle?

Then add long strips at least 5 to 6 inches wide to all four sides. Use a small tight stitch to sew/attach the strips to the sides of your backing fabric. Make sure they are straight and even also.

Press/Iron again, so your seam allowances are pressed towards the strip not the backing fabric.

That's it! So simple!

You can do this with almost any backing fabric that is large enough to cover the back of your quilt, but not large enough for your long arm quilter. When you have a larger quilt like a full size quilt your backing fabric needs to be at least a couple inches bigger than the back and then you can add strips. When in doubt, email or call your long arm quilter.

More information on Backing Fabrics:

In my quilting shop I carry several extra wide backing fabrics from a quilter's blenders in at least a dozen colors to bleached & unbleached muslin to tye dyes and floral color tones to solid dark backing fabrics. Most are 108" inches wide. You can order online thru' my website at Extra Wide Backing Fabric Page. There is a listing of most of the fabrics available.

Photos of Backing fabrics in the Photo Gallery. Click on any of the photos and it will take you to the complete photo gallery.

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