Friday, February 11, 2011

Quilting and Assembly of the little Sweetheart Box

Assemble/sew 4 crazee patch hearts and a solid square and a striped square like the picture. Note that the points of the hearts are pointed towards the solid square. The striped square is attached to the orange square too and then the last heart is pointing away from the orange. It will all make sense as you follow along with the photos.

Then to the quilting machine. I quilted each heart with a different freestyle pattern. On the orange I quilted hearts and one flower and wavy lines on the striped fabric.  
Photos of the quilting up close. I just had fun with it. I "Wachuta Doodled" on each block! 
Follow along as the photos show you how I trimmed after quilting and then zig zag stitched the edges and assembled/stitched the my little sweetheart box.

More pictures on the next post of the finished little Sweetheart Box.

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Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

Beautiful box, and I love the photos of your process!