Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blue, Green, and Orange Hearts ! - Work in Progress

Below is the Challenge 3 information for Project Quilting.

I took photos of my (WIP) Work in Progress. I started with my paper pieced hearts, using blues and greens and oranges! 

Challenge 3 – Be My Valentine - Project Quilting

Now, to mix things up a bit. I am hearing lots about Valentine's Day on the radio and in the ads, so decided we'd work with it for Challenge 3.......with a few twists, of course. After all, anyone can make a Valentine quilt. In Project Quilting, we want something more.
1. The inspiration is Be My Valentine.
2. The main colors of your project will be something other than red or pink. You can use small amounts of red and pink, but the overall color should be something else.
3. You cannot use the word "Valentine" on the front of your project. You may use it in the name if you wish.
4. POST your entries with a description of your creative process, including where you are (ie, I create in Madison, WI) and the size of your project by Sunday, February 13, 2011, at noon, CDT, to this flickr group – Project QUILTING with KimsCraftyApple: OR email a picture/description of your completed project to with PROJECT QUILTING in the subject line.
5. If this is the first Project Quilting challenge you've participated in, please email Kim with PROJECT QUILTING in the subject line so that Kim can send you feedback from the judges and keep you updated on the behind the scenes going-ons.
Remember, these challenges are intended to help you Think Outside the Square. Be creative. Take a risk. Do something no one else will think of doing.
submitted by Diane Lapacek

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Sharon said...

Those look fun! Love the butterflies. :)

PS. I searched the word "orange" :)