Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May for Me Connectivity with Quilters!

This is a "revisit" of a post from last year, but it fit perfectly for this week.  I wanted to share a quilting piece that best represents my quilting passion. It was from a Project Quilting Challenge - Season Two.  You had to choose three hardware items and incorporate it into your quilt.

What does a piece of wire, a wire stripper, and electrical tape have in common with a quilt? 

A single stand of wire stands alone as one single piece, a wire stripper opens up the ends to prepare it to connect, and the electrical tape holds all the wires together.

A quilter sews alone til she finds a community of quilters who are brought together through their love of quilting.

Connectivity is the name of my quilt!

Getting you up close with the stitches. I love thread painting on raw edge applique' and really enjoyed quilting all the tiny little circles.
 Back side of the quilt and hanging sleeve.
 Gabby connects with my quilts too. I really think it is that she just wants to have her picture taken.  She jumps right up on the sofa, when I am taking pictures!  My husband thinks I make her do it - NOPE!
 Signed my quilt with my name and the year!
More photos on my Photo Gallery under Project Quilting and on My Flicker under Connectivity Quilt and Flicker Group for Project Quilting.

If you want to see more of my thread painting - this is a post that I shared several quilted pieces - Getting up Close with My Thread Painting. There are also links along the sidebar with other thread painted quilts - like the First Bloom and Imaginary Blooms and my Imaginary Barn Quilt

I love thread painting on raw edge applique'.  Makes me feel like I am a kid again - coloring! I think that is why I feel the need to play each day. It keeps me happy - doing what I love to do!

What inspires your quilting?

Take time to play, now in May and everyday!


Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

What a fun quilt so unique and creative!!!!

Lesley said...

You are so very creative! Love this quilt and its story!

Lida said...

Nice quilt! How is it possibles to see the colours on the other side?
Love your dog! Greetings

Snoodles said...

That is an amazing quilt - I love it! Thanks for sharing it, and the story with it, too!

Cherie said...

That looks awesome! =D

Miss Hillbilly said...

One of my favorite creative moments of yours!