Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are You Participating in the Fabric Garage Sale?

Do you have fabric that you bought 2 years ago? 3 years ago, or maybe even 10 years ago?  

Were you planning to make something with it, but never did!

Is it still sitting on your shelf? 

Are you ever going to use it?


Are you looking for fabric at sale prices?

You can be a seller or a buyer or both!

Click here for the Fabric Garage Sale Linky Party!

If you want to be a seller:
1. Take a photo of the fabric you want to sell.
2. Determine what the regular retail price was when you purchased it. Cut that price in half!
3. Measure it and state measurements of fabric.
3. Decide how you will ship it to the buyer. Flat rate envelopes and boxes are easy and simple. Who will you ship to? US or Internationally.
4. Decide how you will have the buyer pay for the fabric.  Paypal is a simple way to do that. They take a small percentage and it is easy to set up an account.
5. How many items will you sell? 6 items or 25 items!
6. First come, first serve method - the first email you get on an item. Then after they have paid - edit your post to show it is sold - asap.
7. Post the photos, prices, and measurements on your blog, on a flicker site, or on your etsy account. Link up and sell your fabric to someone who will put it to good use.
8. Link up to the Linky Party anytime between June 4th through June 8th.
9. Link back to my blog and include the Button on your post or sidebar.

You can grab the button right here -- copy and save it.  Then, Add it under gadgets as a picture and include my link. Thanks!

If you want to be a buyer:
1. Come back here between June 4th and June 8th
2. Email the seller, pay for your fabric, and it will be mailed to you.

I take no responsibility for any of the fabric sales on any of the links, except my own. Sell and Click and Shop at your own risk! I am only providing the linky party to help with connections.

The Fabric Garage Sale starts on Monday, June 4th and runs through June 8th.  You can link up during that time to your post or site.
Click here for the Linky Party!

This is a Fabric Garage Sale. Fabric only - no other items. All fabrics must be priced at half the original price.

Here are a few of my garage sale fabrics.
I am selling them now, to give you an example of how the Fabric Garage Sale works.  Set yours up very similar to this.
I have sold fabric #2 in a previous post. I marked it sold, so you can see how I mark it sold with the strike thru' lettering and make the photo smaller. These fabrics are really for sale and will be marked sold as you email me to purchase them.
If you want to purchase one of my garage sale  fabrics, Email me directly at  
The exact name and number of the fabric.
Your name and address.
I will email you back a paypal invoice to pay with your credit card or paypal account.
For the Fabric Garage Sale, I am only shipping in the US with the flat rate envelopes and boxes. With one exception - If you want more than one fabric item, email me the items. I will weigh them and ship all in one box and paypal invoice you for the exact postage. I will mail all fabrics within 24 hours.

Important:  After you email me your information, I will try to reply within the hour, if it is day time in Wisconsin (between 7am and 8pm CST). I will email the paypal invoice for you to pay.  Please be prompt, as I get several emails on each fabric and it is first come, first serve basis. I want to keep everyone happy. As soon as you pay, I will mark the remnant sold and mail it to you.

Let me say this one more time.  If you are interested in buying a fabric.  Email me the information. Check your email within the hour for the paypal invoice.  Please be prompt and pay it right away.  Once it is paid I will package it and mail it right away. 

Click here for the Fabric Garage Sale Linky Party!

Here are my Garage Sale Fabrics.  They are for sale now, but I will have more fabrics for the Linky Party starting on June 4th. I chose a variety of fabrics.
This is one fabric item left on this post.  You will find all the other posts of sale fabrics on the linky party.

#1  Sixteen Fat Quarters 
16 X $2.50 = $40.00  SALE  $20.00
Ships in a flat rate envelope at $5.15.
Your Total for this item is: $5.15 + 20.00 = $25.15
I opened one of the fat quarters, so you can see the selvage.  I don't remember if they were all from the same line of fabric, but they all look nice together.
I added this next item, so you can see how I mark it sold. It has sold and is not available. I do the strike thru' lettering. I edit my photo using Gmip Photo Editing and type sold on it.  I also make the photo smaller. This is the way I mark it. You can do it any way you would like to mark it sold, after you are paid for the item.
#2  Green Quilter's Blenders 74" X 108" 
2.05 yards X $9.00 = $18.45  SALE  $9.23
Ships in a flat rate envelope at $5.15.
Your Total for this item is: $5.15 + 9.23 = $14.38

#3  Earth-tone Extra Wide Fabric-108" Wide 
Size of the fabric = 82" X 108" 2.28 yards
2.28 yds X $10.00(original price a yard) = $22.80 SALE $11.40
This a heavier fabric than the Quilter's Blenders. It is 100% cotton.
Ships in a Medium Flat Rate Box which is $11.35 for US postage.
Your Total for this item is: $11.35 + 11.40=$22.75

This was listed on a previous post. It is the last fabric item from that post available. This fabric would make a great backing for a man's quilt or perfect for borders on a hunting quilt.


#4  Orchard Prints - 6 pieces
Cherry fabric on the bottom - 41" by WOF
Starting from the left:
tiny flower 24" by WOF 
dark green 22" by WOF
tan 12" by WOF
gold 12" by WOF
flowered fabric on the far right 22" by WOF
Total of 120" = 3.33 yards
3.33 yds X $9.00 = $29.97 ($30.00)  SALE  $15.00
Ships in a flat rate envelope at $5.15.
Your Total for this item is: $5.15 + 15.00 = $20.15

I don't remember if there were all from the same line of fabric, but I purchased them all at the same time.


#5 Holiday Fabrics   
2.44 yards X $9.00 = $21.96  SALE  $11.00
4 pieces are half yards and the bottom plaid fabric is only 16" by WOF.(2 inches less than a half yard)
Ships in a flat rate envelope at $5.15.
Your Total for this item is: $5.15 + 11.00 = $16.15



#6  Robert Kaufman Fabric  
5 yards, plus 3 inches  44"/45"WOF
5 yds X $8.00 = $40.00 SALE  $20.00
Ships in a Medium Flat Rate Box which is $11.35 for US postage.
Your Total for this item is: $11.35 + 20.00 = $31.35
There a two photos for this item.
This is the second photo, so you can see the selvage.


#7  Floral Fabric  
5 3/4 yards 44"/45"WOF 
5 3/4 yds X $6.00 = $34.50 SALE  $17.25
Ships in a Medium Flat Rate Box which is $11.35 for US postage.
Your Total for this item is: $11.35 + 17.25 = $28.60

Over the years, I have purchased several fabrics in 5 yard and 6 yard lengths. They are great for backs of quilts with only one seam to sew! I will be including several similar fabric pieces in the Fabric Garage Sale between June 4th and June 8th.

Email to purchase fabrics

Leave a comment to let me know if you are going to be a seller or a buyer or both!

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Thanks PR Blogs for helping to spread the word about the Fabric Garage Sale!
Also, thanks for all the suggestions and great ideas for the Fabric Garage Sale - I really appreciate your input!
Click here for the Fabric Garage Sale Linky Party!
Enjoy your day!


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