Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday - Wind Sock Planter Cozy

I need color.... Until today there were no flowers in my hanging planters.  It has been too cold in Wisconsin, to put the plants outside, but starting today it was warmer (HOT).  Monday got up in the low 60's and it was suppose to be 82 today.  This morning it was cold! We ended up hitting 89 here!  

Get those plants out!  Let's add some color to your planters....  Make a wind sock planter cozy!  

Note: I  chose fabrics with too much color for a tutorial, but it will have to do!  I need color!

Follow the photos and directions for making your own Windsock Hanging Planter Cozy.

These are very relaxed directions as you don't have to worry about sewing perfectly.  We are also going to leave some raw edges.  You may only use it for a season or two.  So don't put a lot of time into it. Just make it for fun to add some quick color to your garden!

Cut a piece of colorful cotton fabric 34" by 25". You can piece together squares to make it look like at quilt or just use one piece of fabric.  I pieced some squares and it wasn't big enough so added borders.
34" will be what goes around the planter and overlaps in the back with a velcro closure. Measure your planter to make sure you have enough.  
25" will be the length and we will turn it under to make a casing on the top, so if you want it longer cut a longer piece of fabric.

Press under three sides of the fabric about a 1/2 inch and straight stitch it (or zig zag it). The side that you will leave raw is the bottom edge of the fabric - the length 34". In the photo it is the edge on the left side.
Then turn down the top edge about 3 inches to form a casing for a fabric drawsting to go thru' it. I stitched it with a zig zag stitch, but it can be a straight stitch.  It doesn't matter.

Velcro should be stitched in one strip or cut the strip into sections, if you don't have enough for the side.  See the photo. Velcro should start at the casing edge, down the sides leaving about 10 inches at the bottom  open.    

Cut a strip 45" by 4 inches for the drawstring strip.  I just folded it in half and stitched it leaving the raw edges to the outside.

Feed it thru' the casing using a safety pin.

Pull the drawstring so you have equal amount on both ends so you can tie is around the planter and around one hanging wire on your planter.
Cut the bottom edge like the photo about 6 inches up from the bottom.  The width of the strip should be about  2".

Tie the windsock planter cozy around the planter and wrap it around the hanging wire so it stays in place.  
Close the velcro around the planter.

I put flowers in the planter today!  
Yes it is finally spring!

When I went to the greenhouse I asked for a flower that was good for full sun.  She suggested Verbena.  It blooms all summer.  I picked Obsession Mix and Obsession Scarlet.  I think Obsession is perfect for me as I am obsessed with sewing and quilting!  

I planted a few other plants and flowers.  We are suppose to get storms tonight and tomorrow, so I kept the rest in the house until I know they will be safe.  

Last year I had planters all along the deck on the south and west side. My dear husband didn't like all the pots and the plants, so he built me these cool triangular steps on both sides of the stairs. 

 A couple years ago he built the archway that leads my customers around to the back of the house to my business entrance. This year I planted morning glory flowers on both sides of the archway.  Later in the summer I will share photos when everything is in full bloom.

My sign for my business is the wooden quilt.  A friend made this wooden quilt several years ago.  I didn't want a sign - just a symbol.  

This year I am going to have hanging planters all the way along the south side of our house for my tomatoes and strawberries.  See the red hanging planter  - that one is for my strawberries.  I am going to make a windsock cozy for that one too.  It has plant openings on all the sides. 

The yellow one is for the tomatoes and the tutorial to make that cozy is in the photo gallery

I guess I am obsessed with sewing, I even want quilts in my garden!

Thanks for following me....

What a beautiful May day!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love your decking, steps, archway - now those lovely windsock planter - what a welcoming entry into your shop. (I am a follower)

Debbie said...

I have become a follower, Marcia! Orange is my favorite color!

Linda said...

Well these are super clever! It certainly freshens up those planters perfectly!!
Oh and yes, I follow you.

Toni said...

I LOVE IT!! I have to make a few of these windstocks today!! What a wonderful concept and idea - thank you so much for sharing.

I also love your corner plant stand next to your stairs, that is a beautiful piece!

I just started following you a few weeks ago and I even added your button to my blog!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Heather said...

You have a beautiful home! I love the windsock- very pretty & a great idea. I might have to go out & get a few hanging planters just so I can make a windsock. lol :)

Anonymous said...

Your home,wooden quilt, stairs and planters all say "cozy" to me...so pretty and welcoming! Looks like my dream home at the beach!
I love your beautiful cards! Thanks for the chance to win! (Oh! I do indeed follow! And I'm in on the fun at May for Me!)
Jacque in SC

Melissa said...

I'm a follower! What a great way to use up scraps :)

Miss Hillbilly said...

I'm with Snoozy...what a cozy home you have! I love the planters all hanging with all that color!

mmmegan38 said...

I totally am a follower, I love the bright colors so much. I am into color totally hook line and sinker!

Beth said...

The cards are so pretty! Thanks for inviting me to the giveaway. I'm a new follower.

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