Friday, May 6, 2011

FAQ - Friday's Frequently Asked Questions

This week we will start with some of the basic questions you have asked me....

How do I reserve a date to get a quilt quilted?  Email or call to ask for the first open date or tell me when you will finish the quilt top and we will book a date for it then.  I quilt full time 5 days a week.  Email:  608-872-2374  M-F 8am to 7pm CST
How do I choose the quilting? Go to the Photo Gallery and browse thru' the  photos to help you decide what type if quilting you would like on your quilt.  Look thru' quilting magazines, browse the internet, and then we will work together to create the best quilting for your quilt.

What is free style quilting?  I manually move the quilting machine to stitch on your quilt - no computers, no patterns or stencils.  I just move and stitch wonderful designs all over your quilt. 

Can I mail you a quilt top to get it quilted? Yes, but book your date first please.  Marcia Wachuta, 41826 County Road W, Boscobel, WI   53805

Do you have backing fabric? I carry over 30 Extra wide fabrics.

Can I buy backing fabric from you and quilt it myself or take it to another quilter?  Yes!  Click on  Extra wide fabrics and purchase it right now.  I ship out the fabric in less than 24 hours - priority mail.
What size should my quilt backing fabric measure? It should be 6 inches bigger on all 4 sides.  That's 12 inches longer and 12 inches wider.

What if my backing fabric isn't large enough? Click here to see how to add on strips to make it larger - Short Backing Fabric
Do you have Batting?  Yes. I carry Hobbs Batting - a premium quality batting.
100% cotton batting - white and cream
80/20 cotton/poly batting - white, cream, and black 
Poly batting - White
Thermore - Extra thin poly batting - white
Washable Wool - cream
Can I send my own batting?  Yes.
Do you like being a long arm quilter?  Yes,  I love quilting, sewing, working at home, and being my own boss. 

What is the hardest part about being your own boss?  Managing my time.  I have to really keep a tight schedule, but I also have to be flexible.  Some things take longer than I think.  

Do you cook? Yes, but I tell people that I don't cook.  I make fast meals for us.  Ritch likes meat and potatoes and some veggies.  I like salad, potatoes, and veggies.  To save time when I make a meal, I cook double of everything and we reheat it the next night.  I have a small container garden and I have friends who have a large  garden.  They share veggies and I share quilted items! 
 Just ask me!  More FAQ Next Friday!

Please email me more questions.... 

Having fun in May!



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Enjoyed your post. And I could so enjoy your delicious setting. I prefer meatless meals and this looks so scrumptious and summery!

Linda said...

Marcia, your quilting is just beautiful! Veggies look yummy too!

Heather said...

Very informative!. I love the sandals & pumpkin quilting. You do beautiful work!

Miss Hillbilly said...

One of my May for Me things that I really want to do is make a quilt for each of my kids. I know they won't get done in May but you have taught me to at least do some things for myself! When I make Seth's I am going to send it to you. I find it amazing that you don't use any patterns at all. It truly makes it one of a kind. I can't wait to start on Seth's now. Maybe this weekend!

Chris Daly said...

Great post Marcia! I love your quilting. Everything you do is so beautiful!