Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Video of My Work in Progress for What's in a Name?

Marcia Ellen Wachuta 
Midnight Blue, Evening Blue, and Wild Watermelon are perfect colors for my name.  I love blue and it is nice to have a bit of reddish.  I think it adds interest!

Previous post shows how I made the quilt top using a variation of the my Scattered Quilt Pattern.

The video shows you how I quilted it.  I am freestyle quilting my name in a wavy line.  I make it look easy, but it's not!  Also I was running the quilting machine with my right hand and I was holding the camera with my left hand.  It's only 2 minutes long.   I had to video tape 4 times to finally get a fairly decent take!  Good thing I know how to spell my name. Enjoy!

Just having fun in May!



Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

LOL SHOW OFF... Great job!!


Linda said...

OMG, that is awesome!! I LOVE the color blue! This quilt is beautiful!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I am going to have to try a quilt using my initials - don't know about the name FMQ tho. Lovely quilt.

Heather said...

Awesome! Great job! :)

Miss Hillbilly said...

I like that you used your name for quilting it...perfect for the challenge! Does your longarm have those big long handles to make it easier?
I need to start a long arm penny jar. LOL...that would be LOTS of pennies!