Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday - Comfort Pillows for Hospice and May for Me Prize!

Yes, May is for me or for you and we are suppose to be sewing and doing stuff we want to do.  Like projects we have put aside and now is the time to do those.  But I have decided I am going to change my list whenever I want to and do whatever I want to do, on a whim!

What kind of plan is that?  If you have been following me and reading my posts, I think it is pretty obvious that I love to sew and quilt.  So no matter what I am sewing or constructing, I am happy.

My mom came to visit for an early Mother's Day, this past weekend.  We decided to sew together again.  We made more comfort pillows for Rainbow Hospice.  I sew and my Mom stuffs!  On March 19th, National Quilting Day my Mom and I made a Passage Quilt for Rainbow Hospice and comfort pillows.  Here is a link to that post:  Sewing with Mom!   Tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday I will post photos of the completed Passage Quilt.  Two weeks ago I mailed it to my Mom and she gave it to Rainbow Hospice of Jefferson County, (Wisconsin).

What is a Comfort Pillow and how is it used?

A comfort pillow is made to comfort ankles and heels and wrists and elbows and the neck of a patient that is bed ridden.  The caregiver uses it to comfort the patient by padding the areas of the body that have increased pressure when laying in bed all the time.

An added benefit that we found was it brought comfort to us, as we moved them around for my Dad to make him more comfortable in the last few days of his life. 

Here's how we make the comfort pillows. 
We make 2 sizes:  Approximately 5 1/2  inches by 12 1/2 inches and 5 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches.

Cut 2 pieces of 100% cotton fabric  - 6" X 13" or 6" X 11".

Place pretty sides together as shown  and pin.

Stitch a 1/4" seam allowance all the way around the rectangle leaving an opening of about 3 inches at one end.  See the double pins to remind you not to sew there.  Use a tight or small stitch to sew.  Or stitch it a second time.
Clip off the corners close to the stitching, being careful not to cut the stitches.
Turn right side out.  Poke corners out.

Press/Iron to get the wrinkles out and make sure you have the open ends folded  to the inside.

I stuff with a poly stuffing.
Stitch the opening closed with a tiny zigzag stitch.

The comfort pillows are machine washable.

We have been making the comfort pillows since 1996.  More information about the comfort pillows in the Sewing with Mom post.

Update: This is NOT a current giveaway.

Time for another "May for Me" Prize Giveaway!

Orange Flowers Note Cards  Set of 3 - Value $6.00
These cards were made from a photo of thread painting on orange batik printed fabric. I stitched for hours and hours with many different colors of threads including some variegated threads. I named the quilt "Fun at the End of the Day" !  It brought back memories of coloring -- but not staying inside the lines....  I use this quilt photo as the logo for my quilting business.

Sorry - Only US and Canada Free shipping. 

International winners shipping charges apply.
Drawing May 8, 2011 6pm CST 
It's simple to enter the drawing - Please leave a comment - Tell me what you like to sew, make, quilt, or craft!
Feel free to share on Facebook and post it on your blog and tweet it !

Enjoy May!  One day at a time!


Miss Hillbilly said...

I love that you and your mom sew together. And those note cards are beautiful!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You have the most gorgeous cards. I like that you can sew with your mom, that is something I can't as my Mom is a bit of a 'quilt police'. My daughter occassionally comes and does a mom/daughter sew together. I love minis, baby quilts, and lap quilts. I have done a few larger quilts of late for charities. I paper piece, little applique, regular piece and hand piece. I prefer to hand quilt, but it does go faster on the machine.

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

Jorge and I are huge in working for charity. Jorge will loom hats where I knit or crochet them. We deliever by our bikes no matter what state we are in. I never thought to use Jorge's sewing skills to make item for charity. He's at work right now and so when he gets home we chat about this... Bike for Charity for us is work (being so far most times - when we where in Bishop, CA we biked 9 miles one way and if you know the area it's all hills at high elevation) but we where taught if Charity is easy then it's not Charity...


Linda said...

Aww, sewing with your mom must be so nice. What a great way to spend time together.
I am a true crafter and have done a lot of different crafts from making wreaths to cross stitch and of course quilting. I am not a master at any but I love them all.
Those cards are a beauty!

Sharon Pernes said...

I love the pillows. I am definately going to mae a few.
I love to sew bags, they make the best gifts.

Char said...

Love your note cards. You know it's really funny, I have yards and yards of fabric but I'm always playing around with small scraps. I love making pincushions, bookmarks, rug mugs and journal covers.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your note cards are gorgeous!! How wonderful that you and your Mom sew together. I learned to sew from my mother but she has since given up the craft. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

Sherry said...

I won your note cards last week. I am so excited, these are beautiful too. I love to sew small projects that I can see finished quickly. I made a tote bag and a bird last night. I am a self taught sewer. I got my first machine when I was 13 from my mom. My aunt taught me some embroidery when I was thirteen also.

Roma said...

Beautiful Cards!! And the quilt is so calming to me. Someone will feel the love that went into this.

By the way found you from Vrooman's Quilts..

Belinda said...

Since I won the last card giveaway...AHEM... I won't enter, but wanted to say how lovely these are!

My daughter and I have done some crafting together, but since the boy came, she doesn't have much time for it anymore. We'll get back to it eventually.

Chris Daly said...

Hi Marcia, count me in!!!

KatieQ said...

Your cards are lovely. My mom lived with me for a few years before she died. Although she loved to crochet, gauge was never her thing. She made me a few slip over sweaters that were huge, but she was so proud of them, I wore them anyway. I'm 40 pounds heavier, but they would probably fit me now.
I like to make baby quilts and lap quilts.

Sallie said...

Your cards are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

Jodi said...

I love to makes quilts, table runners, placemats. These cards are beautiful!!!

Pattilou said...

I LOVE those note cards.

Personally for me I love quilting--mostly the piecing part. But the finished product after washing and turning into soft and cuddly comfort is worth the hours spent.

Sandra :) said...

Oh my those notecards are beautiful - my fingers are crossed :)

I have a thing for zipper bags - I can't stop making them, LOL. Lately I've been making boxy bags - mainly for gifts - they're great stashbusters :)

Nancy D. said...

Those cards are beautiful! I like to sew pillows the best. I enjoy the satisfaction of any completing any of the projects I work on though. Take care!

yorkie mom said...

Great cards! Love to sew doggy blankets and quilts for my kids and friends as gifts. Thanks for the chance! gougeonathome@charter.net (Allison)

Gamma said...

Beautiful cards. Your comment about coloring outside the lines reminds of when my son was in kindergarten (he's now 32). Coloring wasn't really his thing and he didn't stay in the lines. A comment from his teacher, written on one of his papers was "is this good coloring?" Seriously.

Janet said...

What gorgeous cards! I would like to be able to sew items that are that lovely.

Kathy H said...

It's great that your mom and you sew together. I am trying to get my daughters to sew with me. They all know how and will do some sewing but I think it is easier to have mom (me) do the sewing. They do like what I make for them though. Right now I am sewing some small quilts for a new baby and a graduation gift.

robin said...

Those are such pretty, pretty cards! I am new to quilting, and love it so far. :)