Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brainstorming Ideas - Make it Simple!

First click here and read the challenge over at Persimon Dreams.  Then come back....

Kim gave you some great photos ideas with a variety of color ideas too!  

I went thru' some of my fabrics and came up with some possibilities.

I want to use fabrics that I already have in my stash, because I live in the country.  It is not convenient for me to go to town, because I work at home.  I started by selecting fabrics and grouping them together.  

We all have a stash of fabrics.  Some have bigger stashes than others!  How about the fabrics you bought that you just thought were pretty and you couldn't live without them?

Do I want to use solid fabrics?

Or I should choose patterned and textured fabrics.

That would really add movement to the squares.  I think that would be a very interesting choice.

What if I chose solids with a black and white square print fabric?

I would have squares in squares fabric to repeat the square pattern. It would be very bold color choice.

Or how about another square print fabric with solids/blenders?

I like this soft green with this square print too. It is a very simple look.

What if I used a tiny flowered print with a square print?

I could use some 30's reproduction prints with floating squares and then add a gingham print in a flannel fabric.

I might even pull out some of my texture prints from my little collection of landscape fabrics.  This would really create movement in the squares. Wow!

I could even use the new kaleidoscopic fabric I received from the Secret Sister Fabric Swap.  My choice would be to combine it with a crackle texture fabric.  I think it gives your eye a resting space, but still adds detail.

On this challenge, I believe the first thing to do, is to decide what fabric combination to use.  

I will choose my favorite combination of fabrics. I have found, I will finish a quilt faster, if I like the fabrics and the colors.  I am not telling you which one, I will choose yet. I did not pull out any blue combinations, but I still might!

When I am actually working on my quilt this week, I may choose a different fabric combination. That is ok to change your mind on fabrics.  I might change my colors or I might add more fabrics and more colors.  That is the fun part. Be flexible and make changes.

In addition to choosing the fabrics, I will do a Google Image search for squares -- not just in quilts.  I will look at all squares and combinations of squares.  I did a search for squares.  I also did a search for square in a square.  There were some awesome squares and square designs! Remember to keep in mind --- Square in a Square.

With that in mind, I quite often go back and re read the challenge.  This is important as you will see so many ideas that you will forget the challenge details.

Next, I will think about what the final quilt project will be: A table runner or a table topper, place mats, a quilted pillow cover, or a baby quilt.  Maybe a quilted tote bag, a quilted carrier for my smart phone, or a quilted computer case for a laptop. I am not thinking any bigger than a baby quilt for my quilted project.

I hope that helps give you some ideas.

Choose colors you like,
pick a square in square design,
and create a quilted project.

I will go to sleep tonight and dream!

"Think Outside Your Square!"


Shout4Joy said...

I work the other way, work up my design and then find the fabrics to fit :) I've got a couple of images floating around in my mind ... the fabric will come later :)

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say you have an impressive collection of fabric! This challenge has been ....can I say challenging! I have been working all week....can't wait to see your finish.