Monday, January 7, 2013

Changed My Mind

I am going with BLUES!

When I work up this morning, I kept thinking about what I said on yesterday's post: "I will choose my favorite combination of fabrics. I have found, I will finish a quilt faster, if I like the fabrics and the colors.  I am not telling you which one, I will choose yet. I did not pull out any blue combinations, but I still might!"  So I pulled out my blues.

I decided I am going to make something for the living room. I could make a quilt to cover the trunk in front of the sofa. Or I could make a quilted pillow cover for the sofa to match my blue quilts. 

The blue fabrics look great with my Blue Upcyled Quilt and my Denim Raggy Quilt.

This fat quarter is my favorite one.

 I love that it brings out the yellows in the plaids.

The blues, I chose are "bluer" than the denim blues. I like that and I am sure my husband will be glad I am adding a little color to our all blue living room!

I have a great idea to put a little twist into the "square in a square" design. I will share it later in the week.

I started pressing, cutting, and sewing, but not even for 15 minutes.  I upgraded to a Quickbooks Pro 2013 and that took up most of my evening.  I will find more time tomorrow!

You can read more about the challenge: Project Quilting Challenge 1



gpc said...

Excellent. Blues are ALWAYS a good choice!

sewyouquilt2 said...

I am a blue girl myself.