Friday, January 18, 2013

Seam Ripped, Pressed, and Re-Stitched

I seam ripped one row and then another row and then the sides.  I have to say now that it took 20 minutes to take it apart,  re press it, and re stitch the block!  

I lined it up with the photo to make sure I had it right this time.

Pressed it and restitched. Now that looks much better.

Now I can share the photo of block one - Wonky Log Cabin and the Road to Oklahoma.

Do you want to make it?

For the instructions hop over to Persimon Dreams - My Favorite Block Quilt Along - When you get there, click on  Block TWO - Road to Oklahoma. Thank you to Amy's Creative Side for sharing this block for the My Favorite Block Along.

When my kids were little we watched "Sesame Street"  
and Big Bird would say, " Everyone makes mistakes!"  It was just a reassuring statement that made us feel better when we made a mistake.

I would encourage you to try the block or even try a few of the blocks!  I am going to try to make all of them and of course I am going to be sharing them.


I added my block to the flicker group - My Favorite Block Quilt Along .

Click older posts to see the wrong block!


Sam said...

I think it looks great both ways! Hope to get some time to try these blocks this weekend. I'm pretty new to quilting and struggle with the triangles lining up!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I noticed the 'mistake' but thought you opted that setting - they are your blocks and your quilt. I had a day of a lot of unsewing a couple of days ago - argh!!