Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where's Hodgepodge Patchwork Tuesday and What is Talkin' Tuesday?

It will be postponed until next week.

This is the week of the second Project Quilting Challenge and I am working on it full steam ahead, during my free time.  Last night, I was "multi tasking".  I was sewing and tweeting with quilting friends on the Talkin' Tuesdays.

I sewed and I had to seam rip a few too! Not a very good multi tasker! Did more tweeting than sewing!

I made progress, but I need more than 15 minutes tonight to complete the quilt top.  I want to quilt it at the end of my quilting day on Thursday, so I can do the binding on Saturday.

What's Talkin' Tuesday?  Quilters on twitter chat about quilting topics.  Last night was about the documentary series that aired on PBS ---  Why Quilts Matter? 
Why Quilts Matter is a 9-part documentary on quilts, history, politics and more. 

In 2011, thirty years since its founding, The Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc., has created another “first” – a nine-part documentary series titled Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics. The series takes a fresh look at quilts and spreads the word about their unique position at the center of a startlingly broad grid of topics, ranging from women’s studies to the contemporary art market.

At the end of the two hours of chatting, prizes are given away and I won last night!  I won the Why Quilts Matter Documentary!   So cool!   Special thanks goes to Cara Wilson who runs Talkin' Tuesdays and special thanks to Why Quilts Matter for sponsoring with a copy of the documentary series!  Thanks!

Talking about prizes, I won last week too!  Kim from Project Quilting sponsored and gave away her new quilt pattern "Spinning Nines".

If you are on Twitter or you are thinking about getting a twitter account, you could join in on the chats on Tuesday nights.  Hop over and check out what it is all about at Talkin' Tuesdays.  There is an "About" Page that tells you how it works and if you have a questions leave a comment on the Blog for Cara.  She is very helpful!

Enjoy your day!

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Irene Jennings said...

I'm totally excited about this! I hope to catch a bit of the earlier time as well as the evening time. :)

irene of Litecubes