Friday, January 11, 2013

I know, I am Square!

I decided to work in my comfort zone with blue fabrics.  I did not think too far out of my square.   I guess that makes me square.  But that is OK.

The block I used is the Denim Block  click here for instructions.

I tried out a couple fabrics for the lattice. This one was too busy.

I liked this one.

The quilt top is complete! I need to give it a good press and it will be ready to quilt.

I need to pick my backing fabric by tomorrow morning, so I can quilt it. It will be a quilted table cloth for my dinning room table.  I will probably never flip it over to the back. Several years ago, I tie dyed this backing fabric a grey blue.  Should I use it?  A blue quilting thread will show up nicely on this somewhat plain backing fabric.

Or should I just use a cream muslin backing?

And here is a very colorful choice for a backing fabric.  If I used this one, I would probably flip it over and use the back side too.

Any suggestions? Which fabric?

Plus ----  I need to name my quilt.  
Any suggestions?

Do you like?  "Marcia's Square" or "Marcia is Square"



Vroomans' Quilts said...

I like the floral, but I like dual purpose. How about M2 (marcia squared)?

Barbara said...

I like the dyed blue/gray...and I like her idea of "Marcia Squared"

Mhairi said...

I really like the grey. You could add a piece of the floral to the grey, offset from the middle, or use the floral as the binding.
I like the name Marcia Squared. It reminds me of an old family joke. My grandmother had to have both hips replaced and we made her a card that said: What's worse than having a mum who is square?
Having a Grandma whose a hippie!!
It made us laugh?!

Nordzie said...

I like the idea of Marcia is Square and I would suggest that the floral fabric for the backing as it will gives contrast look from your nice blue top.


Love Of Quilts said...

Marcia's Square! Cream muslin backing.

Ruth Ann said...

I like the floral. I like Marcia Squared.

In stitches and seams said...

sounds like it is hip to be square.... ;) I like what you have done with this ... looks like my scraps could be in danger...
either the tie die or floral would be my choices. Have fun quilting
in stitches

Carla said...

I was gonna say the floral but then I read Mhairi idea of using the gray as backing and the floral as binding. I like her idea. Name I like the Marcia Squared too