Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Sunday Scraps"

A new topic to post about!  
On some Sundays, (not every Sunday), I will post about scraps - "Sunday Scraps"

What are scraps?
Here are some definitions I found.
Scraps - 
a small piece or bit
a fragment
Scrapping -
to break down into parts
to salvage

I posted recently about the fabric scraps that I save in jars from the quilts I have made. Click here for that post.

Whenever I make a quilt, I cut the leftover pieces into usable strips or squares and save them in a bag.  A couple years ago I went to a wonderful lecture that Bonnie Hunter presented about her scrap quilts.  I was really impressed with her method of saving scraps.  Bonnie shares her "Scrap Users System" on her website at

Bonnie recently shared on her blog the Scrappy Trip Along with Flicker. She shares a quick and easy way to construct the blocks.

I going to make some blocks too!

Why am I doing this?   Because I have a lot of scraps. I am not talking about the ones in these jars.  They are too small.  Well, maybe there is a piece or two that is large enough.

I am talking about the scraps I have saved in ziplock bags from almost every quilt I have ever made.  Bonnie suggests 2.5 inch strips and squares, but most of my scraps are 2 inch, so that is what I will use for my blocks.

I made two blocks this week using the scraps from my Marcia Squared Quilt.

I really don't know if I will make a large quilt at this point or if I will make 4 blocks from each set of scraps and make something to go with the quilt or just make a quilted item.

Maybe I should make place mats to compliment the quilted tablecloth.

I took some up close photos of the blocks.  The fabrics I used for my quilted tablecloth were all different weights. Some were new and some were vintage fabrics.  

When you work with all different fabrics, it is sometime difficult to match up at the corners.  I am not going to worry about it.  These are just for fun!

I am not really taking on another quilt project.

I am just going to grab these and sew a few strips and squares together when I just feel like sewing.

Plus it will make me feel like those bags of scraps are being made into something useful.

Hop over and check out the Scrappy Trip Along with Flicker.

I uploaded my blocks to the flicker group.



Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi! Your blocks are so beautiful! I love blue and those flowery fabrics are wonderful!

Betsy said...

I use a lot of scraps too. Seems like every thing I make is from scraps lately. I love your blue blocks Marcia.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful blocks Marcia! I had to make a few of those fun blocks too. Scraps are always fun to use.